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  1. I'm looking for some first hand knowledge on the campgrounds along Rock Creek (MT) Road in the Lolo NF. I've seen some references to them accommodating travel trailers. However, the NF website recommends against hauling trailers on that road. Anyone know if there would be a problem hauling a 23' travel trailer down that road? Thanks.

    Steve V.
  2. I've driven the whole drainage, from I-90 at Clinton up to Phillipsburg a few times and I wouldn't recommend towing a trailer up the road. You should be able to find a place to setup in Clinton. Talk to the guys at the Rock Creek Mercintile ( There is plenty of camping in the area, but I can't recall specific names and don't know about trailer sites.

    If I could find my copy of Flyfishing Montana or my maps I could tell you more. It's a great place to fish and camp, although will be crowded if you going during peak times. There are some pictures in my gallery if you want to take a look.

  3. There are a few camping areas right when you get off I 90.There is one right there where they have the Testical festival and then there is one at the Rock Creek fly shop I think.I wouldnt take the trailer down that road either.
  4. Was there last summer and drove most of the road. I agree that I wouldn't tow a travel trailer down that road. There is a campground in Clinton, Eckstrom Stage Station. Here's a the address of their site Also, they had very good breakfast grub.
  5. Dare I ask, "Testical festival?"
  6. Thanks, I found this place doing a web search for the Clinton area. Looks like it might make for a good base camp for the whole area.

  7. Its when you dont want to be on rock creek unless you like a whole bunch of drunk crazy biker type around.Rocky mountain oysters!
  8. Steve,
    I fish it a lot and Eckstrom's is a good place for your trailer and to base out of. From there you can take off for the day up Rock Creek, hit the Clarkfork and even go over to the Blackfoot or some smaller streams in the area.
  9. LOL. In a past life as a blues musician, I spent a lot of time around "drunk crazy biker types" and that was enough for me. It is only fun if you're drunk, too.

  10. As other have said, that road is really rough once you get off the paved section and I would strongly advise against hauling a trailer up that road. Even the paved section is iffy because it narrows up in several spots with alot of blind corners. Eckstroms is probably the best place to park your trailer.
  11. Wife and I once drove from Phillipsburg to 90 in a 28' motorhome towing a little pickup. With a boat on top! It was a long slow drive. When we did see others, they would just look at us like we were crazy. Which we were. Luckily I carried a case of "fix a flat" with. Used the case and the spare tire to get to the Les Schwab in Kellogg. Eight new tires and a lesson NOT learned. Still go places NO motorhome should. What the hell. It's only money.:beathead:
  12. That is hilarious! Still married are ya?
  13. It was her idea. I just do what I'm told:rofl:
  14. I can speak from personal experience that Bandy is still going where NO motorhome should go!

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  15. thats one wild festival, their motto is "come to clinton and have a ball" and they mean that for real
  16. +1 for Ekstroms. We have been there with our camper a few times. We just leave the camper there on jacks and explore Rock Creek in the truck. There are some nice dry camp sites down by the creek. Once we were fishing Rock Creek near dark and a huge storm came through. Got soaked running for the truck and our awning on the camper was destroyed in the wind! Lesson learned! Rick
  17. "Timber!" Well played, Mr. Call!
  18. Rookies. Ain't an inch of ground I haven't covered in Rock Creek (excluding the lower end, tourist-out-of-stater-trap, but what do I know?) Keep fishing the lower end; I'll fish my spots. PM sent.

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