Question: what's the difference?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Jon Brengan, Nov 18, 2012.

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    So a couple weeks back I was fishing on the Satsop, I encountered some Spey guys in the drift already as I got down to the river. One guy asks me "are you swinging or twitching?" I answered swinging, cause I wasn't actually sure what "twitching" referred too. So what's the difference? I guess I'm assuming that "twitching" is as it sounds, moving the rod up and down as the fly swims cross-current. My problem with this is that doesn't it effect the depth of the fly as it comes cross-current or am I way off? I'm new at this spey thing, so any info would be greatly appreciated. I did manage to land a 12 lbs. Silver that day, which is the biggest fish I've hooked and landed on this rod so far.
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    You can give the line a twitch while swinging to entice coho to bite. They often won't pick up a fly that is simply swung at them but a little motion often does the trick. I find it works best when casting directly across the river, throwing a big upstream mend to let the fly sink, then twitching the line as the fly swings deep through a hole. Twitch as it hangs downstream as well.