NFR Questions about a few southwestern towns.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jessejames, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Although the title of the post was SOUTHWEST towns I appreciate the post John. I had some fun researching Asheville last night, You are correct it would meet many of my standards, but all my family is in the western US and I would like to stay closer. Also I do want the ability to travel to Colorado, Montana, Wyoming Idaho etc for the summer fishing.
    After lots of map searching it appears that the latitude and elevation combination of Northern Arizona is a sweet spot for us.
    The Western part of that slice of AZ is more arid and has a desert environment the far eastern part is mountainuos, forested and gets a little more precipitation. It also gets more winter, but not nearly as much winter as Spokane plus it gets 300 days of sunshine a year a big factor for us. We are still doing our home work. We started the pre-move phase at home; sorting, selling, giving away and hauling to the dump. Downsizing can be painful but simplification is good. We want to be able to move in a 16' box truck and our 1/2 tom pickup.
    Thanks for all the advice this has been a good thread, even though Alex was able to inject politics into it:)
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  2. Good luck with your move, Jesse, and we hope you continue to keep us posted, including reports from your new home, wherever you might end up.
  3. I'm with Dan, I was born in Phoenix (population 79,000). It was a wonderful place to grow up. When I got back from Viet Nam, there were already 2.5 million in the city, the deserts were dying of smog, and all the citrus orchards had been razed for tacky housing. I'll visit my dad in Tucson, he's gonna be 91 next month. Once he's gone, I'll never go back again.

    It truly was a paradise, but if that's what you're expecting from the SW, good luck.

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