Quick change loop eye flies

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by pittendrigh, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. pittendrigh

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    Does this idea have merit?

    I think so. It definitely needs work. But I think it has promise (January starts the obsessive fly tying season, no?). I haven't fished this fly yet. I admit it. But I did take it out to the back yard and cast over the snow yesterday. It stays on just fine.

    This fly was inspired by the rubber worms and "grubs" bass fishermen often use. I have long envied their ability to changes "baits" without changing the hook. With this nymph you can do just that. It's tied on a horizontal beading needle with nylon netting (spawn sack) as a foundation (so you can slide the fly off the needle once done). At the front end of the fly I tie in a small rubber loop made from Spanflex. This fly was tied with goose quill fibers and Gold Ice Dub. But it could be anything. Snelling the hook is the hardest part. I could see making bigger stonefly nymphs this way too. And even streamers.

    After making the hookless fly I snell a hook at midshank, without running the snell through the eye of hook. When you cast the fly the front end of the hook never goes through the loop. But you can work it with your fingers, in order to change flies without changing the hook.

  2. Mark Mercer

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    Interesting concept....I'll have to think on it for awhile to see what advantages it would have. I think I'd use it more for changing the hook than the fly....from hitting the beach on my back cast.
  3. pittendrigh

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    Montana river guides are starting to use snap swivels for streamer fishing.........so you can change streamers without carving up your tippet. I'm sure I could make loop eye streamers (with Spanflex) but snap swivels make that idea tits on a bull.

    But swivels in front of small trout stream wet flies doesn't really work. If there is a niche for this fly, that's what it is: small trout stream wet flies. I do like to change flies a lot. At least until I start to catch fish. I'll definitely fish these this Spring.