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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by nz trout bum, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Spent Saturday and Sunday at Coffeepot. Saturday the wind howled and everyone was off the water by 4 PM. The couple of guys I talked to had caught a few fish on really big, olive buggers (4 inches or so) in really deep water off the cliffs. I took a couple on black buggers in shallower water. Don't know how the "miders" did. Sunday found a dozen fish on the flats. Nothing large but nice, hard fighting fish. Bait fish pattern on type III sinker. Miders looked like they were doing better. Nice lake if the wind stays down but a long 4 hour drive if it doesn't! Anybody been to Sprague? Should be about time. Warren
  2. Thanks for the report.

  3. Great lake for bobber fishing....I mean "strike indicator" fishing. :clown:
  4. On my list this year. Sprague is too. I hear Sprague is fishing well. Last year Sprague put out some nice fish.
    Thanks for the report
  5. Stay away from coffeepot..... It's mine
  6. Tyler you are claiming Coffee Pot from Pooey allup. No Way your not even in the area. You can't defend a claim like that. Just to prove your claim is false and not enforceble I am fishing it on Friday All Day.
  7. Wow dude I called it first.....
  8. My double dibbs trumps your I called it first because a tiebreaker goes to the one who is closer...
  9. I peed in the lake last year to mark it as mine
    So sorry
  10. Ribka I peed in it about 5 years ago, dam it now I will have to go back and mark it again. Great lake with some very nice bows.
  11. Well, I pooped in it so that should about trump you all!

  12. Paul, yes you win. I wont go there for awhile, will let the " brown" trout work its way into the system.
  13. Nice video Paul. A triple, makes me want to head up there if the fishing is that good. However, I don't know if we can tolerate the UW hats on our eastern Washington waters.

  14. Thats all Mr. Spier, Im a Colorado guy, and Jeff is a Cal guy, so there is no rivalry here, we just like to fish hard.
  15. Warren, I was one of the guys you talked to at the launch. Don't listen to any of these buckwheats!! because it's my lake. We carved our initials into all the fish we catch there, and I know one day my buddy & I landed 50 fish there a couple of weeks ago. The day you were there we only carved our initials into a bakers dozen. My point being it's my lake. I want all you bastards to catch a bunch of fish just not on my lake.
  16. My UW hat is the reason we did so well. Trust me, the fish know whats up.....
  17. Actually I am a product of Northwestern Univ, and THE Ohio State University. I have a son at UW, one at WSU, and another will be attending Gonzaga next year. So I wear all their colors, except UW because purple is so ugly. And Northwestern is the big purple too.

  18. Note to self: Stay away from Coffee Pot for awhile. :beathead:
  19. Sounds like 1 out of your 3 kids will be a success. That's no bad.
  20. .333 will make the HOF in baseball, can't see a reason why parenting would be any different... :rofl:

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