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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by nz trout bum, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. :rofl::rofl::rofl: It's all about perspective.
  2. On the other hand, "A parent's only as good as their dumbest kid. If one wins a Nobel Prize but the other gets robbed by a hooker, you failed." Via twitter @shitmydadsays
  3. What if the hooker was a previous Nobel Prize winner?

    If a parent is only as good as their dumbest kid, I am trouble. One of my kids wants to be a lawyer. How could I have failed so miserably?

  4. dont tell me the two-O-sixers are taking over Coffeepot???!!!.....Dry Falls is closer for you wet-siders, aint that good enough for ya?
  5. Fished CP on Friday. Parking lot was loaded. The Northwest Womens Fly Club was there and a contingent from Ephrata. Fishing was a little slow in the morning but picked up nicely in the afternoon. Seems like the fish were congregated on the northern shorelines.
    I took a friend who has hasn't fished lakes much so I was really hoping he would tangle with some of these CP bruisers.
    He Did!! He caught two fish in the 22-25" range and had a smile on his face that wont be gone til Christmas. He has been a big-time steelheader but is branching out. The first fish he caught he said "this is bigger than some steelhead that I have caught"
    Good Times.
    Tyler there were a whole bunch of anglers on the lake that had no idea of your claim. You better spend more time over here!!!
  6. The new Chopaka but with a paved road. On to the next best kept secret.
  7. Well, in keeping with my gas comments!!

    I would not worry about it. Eighty dollars round trip in gas from Wenatchee at $3.93 a gallon. So from the coast that would be about $175 plus for the round trip.

    Isn't that the typical fee for a trophy lake??
  8. Way to sway him to the "trout side"
  9. Irafly and I were at CP on Saturday 2-6pm after a tough morning at Sprague. I had to park against the bathroom because there were no other parking options. I counted over a dozen floating craft visible from the boat launch. People at the launch said it had been good early that day and tapered off. We found a few on chironomids then I switched to stripping a nymph in the shallows and picked up 4 in the last hour. We got off the lake after Ira decided to go for a swim off his pontoon boat. It was a very good thing that 1) Ira is an excellent swimmer, 2) we stayed relativley close to the launch, and 3) we had spare fleece layers available. If any of you saw the wet, cold guy changing near the silver 4Runner, that was him!
  10. I hate a small bladder. After at least 4 other successful pees off the pontoon boat while standing on the seat, I guess my "Hubris" got the better of me. I enjoyed meeting Denise from one of the mentioned clubs because her indicator ducked under just as I rowed by her.

    Yeah, a very interesting afternoon. My first take on the indicator came just as I was standing up to pee, missed that one. The next fish I was on but my tippet to leader knot stuck in a guide and that fish busted me off with the only fly to that point that was working. After that Rod hooked a fish and my indicator also went under but I was not holding the rod and for some reason all I ended up gettin a hold of was the line and I ended up handlining the fish in and landing it before Rod landed his which means that I got first fish on the day. The next fish I hooked right after a cast and managed to put it on the reel early but then the top two sections of my four peice rod slipped off and I had to fight the fish a bit with only part of the rod, that fish I landed. Then after landing my 6th fish I was prompted to pee and that's when I took a straight header into the lake. Bummer of it was that I had just unbuckled my belt on my waders so more water ended up down in my nether reaches than on a normal fall.

    I tried to "tough" it out, but luckily I was fishing with someone more intelligent then myself. Rod prompted me to leave, I wonder if it was the uncontrolable teeth chattering that moved him to that conclusion. Thanks for helping me avoid full on hypothermia.

    It is not how big and it is not how many, but it is the stories that really matter. This was a trip I am not likely to forget.

  11. Ira Wow what an adventure I thought I was the only one that had trips like that. You da man.
  12. That stinks! Ira what happened o the Spring Creek Pram?
  13. Glad your still with us Ira...now you and Kristy both swam! Did you see any chironomids while you were under??
  14. Yellowlab, I left the pram at home thinking we were hiking in someplace.

    No chironomids Steve but I think I saw that log someone was talking about earlier in this post.

  15. I was there on Friday with three other WFFers and didn't think it was crowded at all.

    Mainly stayed in the first bay with great fishing to be found.
    Very large, hard fighting fish...not a lot of fish (8) but each one
    was fat and fought like crazy.

    I talked to Jesse's friend at the launch on a pee break
    (where I broke the tip off my Sage 696 RPL) and he told me he had hooked
    two on his first lake fishing trip. Of course I already knew this because
    we could hear you, Jesse, giving him a diatribe on lake fishing as you entered
    the channel. I told him great job and get back out there.

    Glad we went somewhere else on Saturday.


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