Quick report from yesterday

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Sep 18, 2013.

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  2. for reals tupac_west_side.jpg
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    I love wallmart. That is where i buy all my high end fishing gear. I hate little racist fly shops with little shits working there thinking they know it all. At least at wall mart you can deal with an idiot who knows he doesnt know anything. JESUS AMERICA WALLMART KMART ALL THE OTHER MARTS JESUS I LOVE CUBA

    PEace ORION!
    91210 dylan
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    Anyone know a good brand of kettle corn?
  5. that was beautiful
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    I was trying to think of a response to your comment here but honestly. I got nothin.
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    Nice report! Bass_turds - did you use a sink tip, single hander?

    Also, how did this thread get so chalk full of douchebaggery? I think "willisbrow" and "dustin chromers" should get together and compose epic trolling posts.
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    Nice! What river were you fishing?
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    Well,according to his 200 other posts,looks like stilly ? Please go there and fish,its hot!!
  11. K there detective

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    So you have been watching him for the last 200 posts? Stalker?
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    Nah...I been watchin' ju Clooney !!! Ju kanda cute, Ju likka' que'ben foo? Call me