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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by McNasty, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. was just out on the yakima fishing one of thomas williams awesome sculpins and landed the second biggest trout of my life out of the yakima. a 24" sculpin gulper. sorry for the crappy pic, tryin to be quick with only a cell phone.
    Yak Hog.jpeg
  2. Great fish Eric!
  3. Don't see many pics of pigs like that from the yak!!
  4. Nice!!!! Not to hijack but I also was swinging a massive streamer this weekend and landed a beast. Not as big as your fish but got the 20.


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  5. dang broderick, nice fish. i love the spots on the cheeks.
  6. What a hog.

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  7. Those are way bigger than what I caught on the SF Snoqualmie today. I really need to get on the Yak. Very nicely done.
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  8. Man, that is a niiiice fish.
  9. Couple of Toads right there for sure. Solid work
  10. awesome and awesome. thanks for sharing.
  11. McNasty what's your first biggest trout out of the yak?
  12. 25":)
  13. Whoa, guys; incredible fish! Well done to the both of you!
  14. Just plain ridiculous! Nice work E!
  15. there are no fish left in the Yak except these, the above two ate all the others
  16. I see you save the really good spots for yourself. Well done young man! Tie me up a dozen….:D

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