Quilcene area of MA 12 opens tomorrow

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by bigdood, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. zen leecher aka bill w

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    One issue I had with fishing the Quilcene (yes.... I have fished there) was all the summer chum in it making it hard to target silvers.
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    I think it is TIME! Time for WDFW to designate "no gear days" during a period/day/s each week to minimize conflicts on some of these places. Good grief Charlie Brown!! :eek:
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    Funny. Indeed, I have a colleague that has a house on the bay. In the 6 or so years that she has lived there, neither she or her husband has ever hooked a silver (gear or fly) and she goes out most mornings and still tries when the tide is high. I always get the word from her when the fish show up and usually fish it once a year thinking eventually I'll figure it out. But I've never hooked a silver there either, and I've fished over swarms and swarms of fish. Its like they are in some sort of traumatized state where they can see their impending doom waiting in those tribal nets.
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    I think it's time for WDFW to enforce the fucking rules that are already in place.

    I went there once, and it was the most depressing shitshow I have ever witnessed in my life. I'll never set foot in that place again. I don't care if 15lb silvers are jumping into my waders. Salmon tastes good, but nothing is worth putting up with that clusterfuck.
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    Exactly! Good description!
  7. Jim Wallace

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    I have to drive over both the Skokomish and the Killscene to take the shorter route when I go visit my dad. That's after crossing over the Elk and the Johns as I leave the beach, then over the Chehalis, 'Nooch and Satsop as I head inland from the Harbor. I have to make it past Hoodsport, too.

    Longer route takes me over the local criks and the Chehalis, but I hang a Louie instead of a Roscoe and head West, going over the Hoquiam, then hook North over the Hump, Quinault, Queets, Hoh, Bogey, Calawah, Sol Duc, around Lake Cresent and over the Elwha, and finally.... over the Dungeness.

    Then I usually go beach fishing for searun cutts.

    I never seem to have the time to stop and fish the rivers until I leave from the rain shadow area and head back home, where there is no one who is expecting me to arrive on time.:confused: The complete counter-clockwise loop is the best route.
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    Yep. You finally made a decent cast and are stripping your fly in front of a Coho when a dang Chum runs interference and catches your leader on its dorsal fin, drawing your fly right to it, forcing you to abandon your retrieve and execute a light roll cast, so as to flick your fly off the back of the dog without setting the hook. You don't want to hook one of those Summer Chum in the dorsal fin. Nuthin but trouble, those Summer Chums!
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    Have a friend that fishes gear. He was at Quilcene bay on the 16th and did incredibly well for silvers. All 3 people on the boat limited, and he says he could have filled his entire 20' boat with silvers if he wanted. Said it's only been like that for him a few times, and usually the day after they'd quit biting.


  10. Scott Salzer

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    I have had a blast fishing for silvers in the shallow water, 4-5', with the flyrod. They like the bead head olive woolly bugger. And yes, they were fairly caught. The river is a joke and I would never suggest that area. Look for fish staging in the shallows and have at it.

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  12. Denny

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    That's some good looking vittles right there!
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    There are a few areas featuring lockjawed estuary coho in the greater kitsap area. IIRC, in "Fly Fishing Inshore Saltwater for Pacific Salmon" Richard Stoll suggested that the "Green Wheenie" fished with the "amphipod hop" retrieve allowed him to get strikes from staging coho that other folks had given up on. Anyone else given that a try and had any success?
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  14. Jim Wallace

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    Denny, Tribal members from the tribes that traditionally fished the Quilcene and the Skokomish can legally snag salmon in those rivers.
  15. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    I may be heading up to the rain shadow area soon. Almost went today. But I want to check out some local action tomorrow morning. And I need to force myself to sit down in front of the vice, and whip up some frauds.

    I was thinking of maybe paddling in some protected bay or inlet while I'm there. Possibly Sunday or Monday early morning.
    I'll be avoiding the hatchery salmon fishing in the rivers,though.
    If I do fish a river instead of paddling the salt or casting from a beach, I might just head back in to explore the upper Dungeness.

    Anybody else planning to go fish around those parts on Sun or Mon?
  16. Jeff Dodd

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    Last fall I was fishing Lagoon Point and talked to another fly fisherman that was in his pontoon fishing the point. A bit crazy in my opinion....

    He was getting back into fly fishing following a stint of busy life. He explained he use to fish the salt a lot and he even had a simple little pattern of his catch on and it was included in Les' book. The Green Weenie was his fly ;-)

    As one notable local said about the fly, "unfortunate name" haha

    Anyway, his name escapes me but he was a very friendly guy. Wish i would have asked for a fly!
  17. Stonefish

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    Crofts Spider and California Neil are also both excellent patterns for staging coho.

    You should strap on a Go Pro and run the gaunlet by going up the mouth of the Quilcene in your yak....:D
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  18. Jim Wallace

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    That would be fun! First, I'd sharpen the edges of my paddle blades, and maybe even glue razor blades to the zone where the blade skinnies down to the shaft. Then I could blast thru in a fury of paddle strokes and cut lines like nobody's business!;)