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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. I'm practicing my wet fly winging for the married wing swap and one thing I'm having a learning curve issue with is the off side wing. It keeps splitting on me and I'm not sure yet if the issue is too soft of wing fibers or if I'm not stacking it properly.

    I imagine that a few more practice flies and I'll have that ironed out. I am getting some nice looking wets suitable for fishing. Hopefully soon I'll have the framing quality flies figured out.

    My guess on the winging issue is that I'm not pulling straight down with my first loop and am allowing the off wing to hinge in the middle.

  2. You are either not holding the wings tight enough at the tie in point, or you are pulling your thread across the wing when tying them down, or both.

    WHen tying the wing on, do two loose pinch wraps, then bring the bobbin to the 12 o clock position and pull the thread up vertically.
    If you grip is too loose on the wings, they'll roll over which causes the split. Keep the grip like a vise grip... dont worry, you'll not crush the wing slips.
  3. Thanks Eunan, I think I'm using too soft of a hold on the quill sections like you suggested. Nice to see you back.

    A fishing friend of mine was just visiting and I showed him the "Trout Fin" fly series in the display box you sent me. This is the benchmark I'm shooting for.
  4. I pinched the wings tight and with an initial loose loop, pulled it straight down on the return side..... wings came out just fine. I think I was doing a combination of what you said, a loose pinch on the wings and a sloppy wrap.


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