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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by southpaw22, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. This is a great buddy to have for fishing trips. This is new in box. The price goes about 150.00 plus shipping but i would like to get about 110.00 out of it. The price includes safe shipping. Any questions just PM me.

    Performance Certified by Speed Measurement Labs, Inc.

    Full Feature with POP Detection
    POPTM Mode Detection ¿ POP Mode is featured on some newer radar guns operating on K and Ka bands. This mode acquires the vehicle¿s speed in less than 1/15 of a second
    Real Voice Alerts ¿ Allows you to keep your eyes on the road
    High Gain Optical Lens ¿ provides increased laser sensitivity
    Intense Blue Text Display ¿ provides band identification and signal strength
    Stay AlertTM ¿ tests alertness on long drives
    Total Band ProtectionTM ¿ complete band coverage that detects laser, radar, VG-2, and safety radar bands
    360 degree Total Perimeter Protection
    Patented VG-2 Cloaking Technology
    Setting Saver ¿ saves your personalized settings when the detector is turned off
    Alert Priority ¿ if more than one signal is received at the same time, the detector displays the most important alert
    Three (3) City Modes
    Quiet/Auto Quiet modes
    Vehicle Battery Saver
    Tutorial Mode
  2. Well bill its perfectly legal to know if you are under the surveillance of radar or laser. I'm sure that you have never gone over the speed limit or made a rolling stop, and thought, man if i would have known he was there. I have read some fishing stories about people getting tickets and this might help. Not trying to promote reckless driving.
  3. A GREAT fishing buddy........ mine has more than paid for itself on numerous occasions! :thumb:
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