Raft or Drift Boat?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Dupee, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Dupee New Member

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    I am trying to decide between purchasing a raft of a drift boat. Any suggestions? Pros/Cons?

  2. Calvin1 Member

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    I own a drift boat and have floated in rafts. One of the primary benefits of a raft over a drift boat is cost. Typically, you can get a comparably better raft without having to fork out as much coin as you would for a similar drift boat. Rafts have less draft and will allow you to fish in places where you wouldn't be able to get a drift boat in.

    There are some maintenance issues with a raft that hopefully someone with more knowledge than I (that's almost everyone) will speak to. Not certain if they can remain inflated all season long, etc. Also, it's pretty hard to pop a drift boat.

    I haven't found the rafts that I've fished from to be any less comfortable than the drift boats. Storage for your gear can be a little challenging without the bench and bow storage that you get in a drift boat.

    Sorry for the disjointed review here, kind of just doing a brain dump.

    Good luck on your choice, I'm sure you'll enjoy whichever you choose.

  3. sportsman Active Member

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    'Raft' can mean a lot of different things to different people. What/where are you going to use it for? I mean besides fishing! Fred
  4. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    When you are talking about a raft. What do you mean. A pontoon boat,a round boat, a raft made out of logs. What????

  5. Peter Pancho Active Member

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    I was going through the same decision for a year til' I finally made up my mind just a couple months ago. It all came down to:

    -room for 3 & storage capacity
    -weight capacity

    It was all pretty even til I asked myself the final two questions:
    -Will I be able to pass this down to my grandchildren?
    -Do I want to be able to handle 2 friends comfortably including their gear for at least a two day trip?

    Reason enough for buying my Clackacraft WF Drift Boat.
    -Will outlast a Raft/Cataraft by at least 50 yrs or more, and can handle storage like mad and still hold over 1000lbs including 2 buddies.

    One thing for sure that I love about a Raft/Cataraft is that you CANNOT sink these bad boys and they move in water FAST and can drift in 2 inches of water!

    Good luck in whatever your decision is!
    PS, carry at least a PFD for every passenger on board.

    Peter ><>

    Mark 12:30-31
  6. tailwalking trout New Member

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    fred is right. I have owned a raft and a driftboat a raft can do more pull the front and rear frames off and you are ready to have a lot of fun when the fishing aint so good. as far as fishng goes as long as it isnt realy windy there isnt a whole lot of diference a driftboat is a litter nicer for the rower but as far as the fisherman just the same mybe a little more backrowing. Summer time fishing a raft is much nicer cooler and if you are like me sandle wading is realy nice in a raft your not allways standing in water self bailing raft realy nice if you think you might want to get nutty in some whitwater go with a raft. I keep mine inflated all the time and trailer it only way to go. also the draft is prety nice rarely ever have to get out. hope i helped in your decision if you decide on a raft see dana at swiftwater.