Raft trailer info thread

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Diehard, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Heavy duty is a must, my idea of heavy duty might be a little more "heavy duty" than the average guy. We are doing stuff like this:

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    I have had my trailer from Ms for two years. The cheap winch he put on there didn't last six months. The way he attaches is by just welding it on left a lot to be desired. It costed me 50 bucks to get a new winch welded on. It has been my experience that winches dont last no matter how much they cost. Everytheing else is great.
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    I agree with Shawn. I had experience with a couple of wenches that cost me a fortune. And come to think of it, one of them had lived in a trailer.
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    Anyone have any experience with the Trailwater trailers?
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    Great thread! I will put in a vote for M&M, mentioned in the initial post. I have the raft trailer pictured--6 x 10 bed for an Aire 130D--and it has had held up well to a lot of abuse. Mike uses high-quality components, and I've only had to do routine maintenance on the trailer after about 15-20K miles and a lot of crappy roads driven at high speed.

    Whatever you choose, definitely consider the 13+" wheels and a high-quality axle that's easy to service. Most places worth fishing in these parts seem to involve long, high-speed drives to really bad put-ins and get-outs... larger wheels make that journey a bit less stressful on the trailer and the driver--particularly getting in and out.

    Also, if you the bed of your trailer sits atop your wheels, check out Mr Jergens' excellent suggestion for rigging the raft with a bow loop: http://www.evoanglers.com/2011/12/pimp-my-boat-creating-bow-loop-on-raft.html--it will save your back getting the boat up on the bed, especially on steep get outs. (Thanks Joe!)