Rage Debate - Fire arms carrying while fly fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jason Hoffman, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Not being one to get into these type discussions as a general rule, I say carry want you want... many of us do, it's our constitutional right.
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  2. That's priceless. Thank you. I like this popping in with a quick thought between leeches. Personal protection... got it. I'm in favor.

  3. I have guns. I have never felt the need to carry a firearm while fly fishing, gear fishing, fishing from a boat on a lake or river or while bank fishing. I try to keep my pack lite and easy. I dont feel the need to pack a gun around while beating bush all day long. I am not worried about animal attacks or crazy people. I dont worry about much.
    I dont have a 'i need my gun to survive today' plan that some of you endure.
    Each his own.
  4. Jason, as to your question if its ever reasonable to carry while flyfishing, I believe yes. I fish on one river well known for an abundance of rattlesnake. I carry and load accordingly. The other local rivers I fish are known for an abundance of grizzly bear. Encounters in NW Montana are not that uncommon. I carry spray #1 and my gun loaded accordingly. I've seen a few of the fuzzy buddys while fishing but nothing close enough that necessitated defensive measures, yet, which is fine with me. Wise: To have and not need. Foolish: To need and not have. Not exactly rocket science. Insofar as evil human encounters "while flyfishing" I've not found that to be much of an issue in this area.

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  5. I don't know if it is "reasonable" or not but it is your right for sure. Personally I've always thought that if I was going to carry a gun I had better be willing to kill someone, and I am just not.
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  6. Lets just start a new thread: waaa...bad man carry gun!
  7. These threads are interesting. I learn a bit about people, who I might want to fish with in the future. Jim Ficklin - would love to share the water with you. G-spot - that's a big NO.
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  8. Who cares what I have? I do. End of issue. I won't ask to see what's in yours, reciprocate. I choose never to be a defenseless victim when avoidable. Not looking for approval.
  9. Reading each of your comments carefully I believe this one in particular reveals your motive, and it makes me quite uncomfortable. Who gets to decide whom is qualified, by these standards, to own and carry firearms.....you?

    This statement seems to betray a moral superiority that in my view would automatically disqualify your opinion.

    For the record, I don't own any guns but have given it serious consideration. I have matured a lot over the course of my life but there was a time when my temperament precluded me owning them.

    There have been many very good reasons stated here as to why it might be prudent to carry while fishing, and if I owned a handgun it is likely I would carry since I have experienced some unnerving scenarios on remote rivers.

    What scares me much more though is the thought of some self aggrandizing moralist choosing who can defend themselves with a firearm.

    As C.S. Lewis said so eloquently, "Of all tyranny's, a tyranny exercised for the good of it's victim may well be the most oppressive"

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  10. Hey G-spot, you seem to ask many questions of others, I have one for you. I noticed you listed your occupation on your profile as "Disruptor." I'm not familiar with that, can you explain?

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  11. ...not sure I'd feel comfortable meeting up with a person with a gun who views himself as a "disrupter" on the
    river...even if I don't fit into the category of "fools, fanatics, hotheads, neophytes and minors." Everybody's definitions of those things is different, and I wouldn't want to be judged by a "Disrupter's" definition.

    My situation and feelings on the matter match those of Peyton00 above.
  12. Interesting perspective about one knowing one's own temperament as it relates to CC. I can tell you that when I carry, it raises my awareness and drives me more towards deescalating situations than I might be inclined to do were I not possessing a firearm. Sounds funny I know, but with the right comes increased responsibility. Being involved in an incident throwing fists involves significantly less paperwork than one involving firearms...just saying.
  13. There is a weighty responsibility & the second statement is also true. That being said, while I prefer to be left in peace, I'd still rather pay an attorney than a hospital or mortician if the SHTF.
  14. [quote="freestoneangler, post:
    with the right comes increased responsibility.[/quote]

    I recently retired after 25 years of service with a fairly large Sheriffs Department. A few of those years I spent as an instructor in various disciplines, use of force being one. What you stated above is word for word the key point we strived to instill in our trainees. Well put.

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  15. To quote George Carlin (para) - You don't have rights. Rights aren't rights if someone can take em away. You have a list of temporary priviledges. If you watch the evening news you'll notice that list getting smaller and smaller every year.

    People in this country seem awfully concerned about the rights that affect them but no so much about the rights that don't. Well maybe if they can take away your neighbors rights - you know, the ones you're not terribly concerned with - they'll come for your precious rights next. And nobody will care because your neighbor isn't concerned about yours either. Maybe, just maybe, we should all respect and be equally concerned about all of the rights the constitution affords us, whether we agree with them or not, and then we can actually have the power to conserve that body of work through sheer force of numbers.

    The only way we can preserve any kind of societal freedom is to act as a very large unified group. As soon as we are divided, we lose to those who seek to disempower us.

    Personally, I have no fear of law abiding citizens carrying legally obtained firearms. I would be a lot more fearful of a population where only the criminals and the police carried them, and knew we definitely did not.
  16. The question I'd ask, if you blew a knee out in the middle of nowhere and help may be days away, would you rather have a sidearm on you or not? Reasons are different for everyone. All are based around preparedness.
    I enjoy having my dog with me while in the woods for his companionship and the joy he gets out of being there, but I also like the extra pair of eyes and ears in the woods. Does that make me paranoid?
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  17. and then there was this guy dressed in desert camo perched high above the Klickitat river laying prone his eyes pressed against the high powered scope then came his target, it was pink and floated lightly on the surface of the water the sniper pulled his trigger and the pink bobber disappeared in a spray of water..

    on a serious note Wyatt Earp one was quoted as saying. " Not many men will need a gun in the course of their lives, but the ones who do will need them very badly.

    i don't feel the need to carry a gun while fishing but i don't fish in terribly dangerous areas if my circumstances were different I might and i cannot see any reason why anyone would be uncomfortable by others decisions to carry or not carry.
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  18. Other than that one time I shot at somebody, I have never ever fired a gun in anger. The last pistol I fired was when I was in the service and that was when I was about 19 or 20 years of age. I'm an old man now. I have never felt the need to have a gun of any kind as I don't think I need that kind of protection. I could be wrong. Or I just can't afford one on my pension. U.S. Army 1953 to 1956. Between all wars and I never made it overseas. I was a cook.
  19. Is it ever reasonable ever for someone to carry a firearm while fly fishing? Yes.

    Why or why not? Simply because we can.

    Justify your answer. 1. Second amendment. 2. Some of the places we fish are very remote, where people go to be left alone...and you show up. 3. Peace of mind. 4. Options.

    I don't always carry. Situation dictates. There has only one time when I wish I had been, but wasn't. Turned out weird, but ok. Still wish I'd been carrying that day.
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  20. When beavers were a nuisance on our local trout stream, I had a DNR permit slip to kill any beaver I found on a Wisconsin Trout stream. So I carried and shot beaver.

    I met a fly fisher in Montana that carried. He and his wife were camping out in the mountains that summer and he ran into a fellow that threatened him and his wife. He told me that he believed the fact that he had a firearm with him saved his life.

    His wife was able to get their vehicle packed up while he faced the guy. They drove to the closesst ranger station and reported the threat to the local rangers. He was an airline pilot and retired from the USAF. He believed his military training and his weapon saved his life and that of his wife.

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