Rage Debate - Fire arms carrying while fly fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jason Hoffman, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Jason Hoffman

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    enlightened, I don't think too many people have been killed by wolves recently. Maybe two in the last 200 hundred years in all of north america. Whereas people and domestic dogs are responsible for far more attacks. I wouldn't worry too much about wolves, though. One less thing to worry about!
  2. enlightened

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    Please come tell that to the packs that follow:) plus they were reintroduced in our area. Problem? They introduced the wrong wolf. These ones are bigger. And produce fast. So much so the local tribe now hunts them. That is another story. I won't even discuss. Just all be careful, watch your back. And for those of us who are lucky to experience all the positives fly fishing offers, tight lines:)
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  3. bennysbuddy

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    I regularly fish with cougar,no problems unless you don't bring a lunch
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  4. triploidjunkie

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    In the case Enlightened was referring, I needed a gun to protect the cougar;)
  5. bennysbuddy

    bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

    Excellent answer..my cougar is the one packing,maybe that's why she catches the most fish!!!
  6. Jonnytutu

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    i'll jump in briefly....a poster mentioned earlier how frustrating it is that the gun-haters are so vocal, and why can't each group just leave the other group alone...it comes down to this,

    There is one huge, glaring, and massive difference between the two groups....one group carries something that can kill another instantly from a good distance away, the other doesn't.

    This simple fact should explain why one group in particular is so vocal.

    And to round out the answer to the original post, I am not allowed to carry up here, but i don't think I would have any want/need to carry a gun if i could when out fishing.

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  7. flybill

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    Why don't I carry a gun? Because I don't want to deal with the issues after having to shot at someone or actually killing someone.

    When I come up to a spot that I don't feel right about, I move on. I've been all over WA and MT and never come across a situation where I felt a gun would have helped me. I am a big guy and make more than enough noise moving through the woods that most animals hear me. Plus they'll probably smell my cigar long before I get near them!

    I've had some close encounters with buffalo and deer in MT (Yellowstone NP and on the Big Hole). I have seen a bear in MT, but was in my truck and almost missed the bear that crossed in front on the car in front of me and a moose near Moose Creek in ID.

    I've come across some sketchy people on the Skagit and the Sky that have scared me more than any wild animal ever has.

    I have plenty of friends that do carry and are incredibly well trained and stay trained. One in particular, who has taught me quite a bit about carry practices and his draw and is as good as any LEO or military trained person. He practices with hostage targets. I appreciate that he told me he carries, but do not expect most people to tell me. It makes him comfortable and he knows how to handle himself with or without a firearm. He is a smaller guy, a minority and people try to intimidate him or at least he feels that way. He also has the resources to handle what would happen if he had to fire at a person or kill someone.

    Now if I was in AK or somewhere where there are more wildlife encounters, I would probably carry. I may eventually carry, but if I did I wouldn't advertise it and I would train with it until I was confident in my abilities. I would also probably carry a shotgun over any handgun.

    I'm not going to judge if you choose to carry and honestly I really don't need to know if you do or not. It is your right to carry, but with that right is the responsibility to know how to use it safely and sanely. If you feel comfortable telling me you're carrying, I appreciate it though. I like to know that I need to get out of the way if things do go sideways!

    I'll stick with bear spray, a good knife and the 10 essentials for hiking. If someone threatens me, I'll back down to a point, and if they want my stuff they can have it... for me it's not worth dying for my nice fly rod, wallet, car, etc.

    That's what work for me, at this point in my life!
  8. John Hicks

    John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

    Why? Because I have my Freedom Blanket! That's why, Merca.
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  9. chewydog

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    ...and if they want you dead so there's no witnesses?
  10. G-spot4u

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    I believe Enlightened that TJ uses his flyrod to shoo the bears away. That's how bears in Washington like it.

    All this gun talk has me looking about for good places to blast between casts in WA. I believe it's not allowed in King County, so I am thinking up on the N. Fork of the Skykomish, around the Yakima or Columbia rivers, or near Ilwaco. Must be some good places along the Skagit too with all the hunting around there. When I was a kid, we went as a family to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie on weekends to fish, play and hike to a clearcut or quarry to shoot - that's where we first learned. There were a lot fewer people around back then, but the road was just as bad (I heard it's going to be paved soon). The other place on my hit list, not sure if it's good for shooting, is the lake at trailhead for Winchester Mountain near Mt. Baker - I understand fishing there can be worthwhile; there is a summit lookout to visit and an apparently sphincter tightening road.

    If anyone has good suggestions of areas to fish and shoot, it's probably the folks on this thread, but I'm not expecting any love from most of them for a while.:D I will report back what I discover.
  11. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    You don't have a damn clue. Suddenly, I feel very sorry for you.
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  12. obiwankanobi

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    Choosing to carry or not to carry is everyone's own personal choice. There is a risk to carrying a gun and there is a risk for not carrying a gun. The question for all is us is which risk are we willing to take and accept.

    We all go about our daily lives and go for walks around our neighborhoods, take our children to school and hang out at local places never expecting to encounter an event that could take our life or the lives of those dear to us. We read, see and hear about tragedies of innocent people that are murdered by the hands of thoughtless criminals. They die only because they were taking a walk and someone wanted their cell phone. Students have died only for attending school that day. A local veteran died only for standing outside of the Eagles Lodge waiting for a friend. The real fact remains do you acknowledge that these incidents were "wrong time, wrong place" and pretend that they would never happen to you or someone close to you or do you come to an understanding that we are surrounded by these risks everyday.
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  13. KerryS

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    Probably not safe for you but I cast and blast in my backyard. The casting is good but the fishing kinda sucks (lack of water over an inch or two deep). The shooting is good for handguns but is lacking for the long gun. My neighbor has built up a berm on the backside of his property that borders with the woods behind our properties and one can sit in the loft of his barn, out of the weather and practice up to a hundred or so yards. I don't shoot as much as I should but I usually will put a few dozen rounds thru one or more of my handguns every week or two. All this means is I can hit paper most of the time. I don't really have the training to handle a firefight and honestly just as soon not. Still if I ever felt my life or some else's life were under threat I am prepared to use my weapon. I am old, lived an interesting life so far. I am not physically capable of protecting myself with my hands anymore (if I ever could) and I have been diagnosed with a terminal disease. My time on this planet is finite. Believe me this enters into the equation. I maybe more willing to give up what is left of my life to protect someone else or myself from harm.

    Don't pick a fight with an old man they might just shoot you.
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  14. flybill

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    Then I guess there will be a lot of good fly gear and tying material on Ebay or in the classified ads...

    There's a risk in just driving to work or walking across the street. I'm not saying I'm not going to go down swinging if I think I'm in that much danger. I try to stay aware of my surroundings and hope to never have to deal with someone like you describe but there are no guaranties in life! It's worked for the past 47 years...
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  15. Colt1911

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    I tried to stay out of this, I REALLY did.
    And especially for my first post on this forum. But....

    Mr. Spot,

    It must be awful to slither through life with such an irrational fear of an inanimate object.
    Perhaps treatment is available?

    I'm sorry for your affliction, but I'm even sorrier for those who might be forced to depend on you for protection.
  16. 9iron

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    I wonder how that group would feel if another equally vocal group decided to take up an agressive campaign to remove constitutional rights that they cherished? There is no way of dancing around it, the constitution affords us certain civil rights, and once we start fighting amongst ourselves to have each others rights removed, we stand absolutely no chance of retaining any that we may hold dear. They are all up for grabs. May as well throw the whole damned thing out.

    And again, a lot of people seem unable to distinguish between legal, law abiding gun owners and people who are not. There is no way to remove the millions of guns already out there, and if you remove the legal citizens right to possess a firearm, the only thing you've done is guarantee that that the criminals now face unarmed prey.

    Should all legal gun owners have to prove firearm proficiency? Yes. If you're worried about incompetent people carrying then that is where you should be focusing your efforts, on forcing a change in ownership responsibility. But to desire to force a change that only guarantees that criminals will now find no armed opposition is beyond foolish.

    And Gspot is a troll spewing foolishness, no longer worthy of any response.
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  17. G-spot4u

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    Fin, there is no campaign on this thread to remove anyone's second amendment right, which is already whittled down and full of holes. If I recall correctly, your support of mandatory proof of proficiency to own a gun is probably the most extreme view I have seen expressed here in support of gun control.

  18. G-spot4u

    G-spot4u Active Member

    Peace and Respect, Kerry. I didn't know. I used to work with an Austrian scientist who would start out his presentations to journalists with a question. He would ask them, "ladies and gentlemen, does anyone here know the definition of life?" The young reporters would usually just squirm and after a moment of uncomfortable silence, Helmut would tell them, "the definition of life is a sexually transmitted, terminal disease." Of course, this was completely antagonistic for most, but it brought a smile to my face. I'm glad you have a place to shoot and fish so close to you. Frankly, I felt that your story about the 2 dudes in the truck was the best/only example of how a gun might come in helpful in the face of people in the wild with bad intentions.

    I am definitely going to be bringing firearms with me when I go fishing this spring and summer, not for protection, for shooting. I am looking for places where gunshots will not bother anyone.

    No chance of me picking a fight out in the wild; not with all the people carrying guns out there. :)

  19. Jonnytutu

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    I won't stand and say which group is in the right (gun-haters vs gun-lovers), that's not for me to say, my soapbox is not big enough for that. I was just answering an earlier poster who was wondering why they were so vocal.....

  20. Salmo_g

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    I am not sketchy!

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