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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by hedburner, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. hedburner

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    Any one here ever build a rod with one of these blanks? i've been wanting to build a 9 foot 8 wt for salmon, like for dogs and silvers and maybe bass fishing in heavy cover. I checked out some blanks on their website and found three. One in the RX8 Xcel series for 123.17 which has a modulus of 51 (whatever that is). A mid price range blank in the RX7 series for 67.80, 43 modulus and one in the forecast series for 42.50, 33 modulus. If any one has any knowledge of these , how do they compare to like Sage or Loomis blanks. Years ago I made some rods out of Sage and Loomis blanks and really liked em'. http://www.batsonenterprises.com/rainshadowrodblanks.html
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  2. Roper

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    I built a 9 foot, 5 weight from their IM6 blank. It is a very well made blank, great color and finish. The rod is a mid flex type that is forgiving when using lighter tippets. Their newer blanks are "faster" or more of a tip flex type rod. In either case, I'm sure you will be more than pleased with the quality of the blanks.
    Comparing them to Sage or Loomis is difficult because each brand has several different types of rods. I have an RPL and an SP and I would say my Rainshadow is closer to the SP in action, but not as light overall. Hope that helps.


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  3. Rob Blomquist

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    I have one in each of the series.

    The XCEL are nice fast blanks, I have a 9 wt that can handle 11 weight shooting heads, and 400 grain heads. Its basically a rocket launcher. I can also false cast 80 feet of line.

    The RX7 are a nice mid flex rod suitable for casting all day. I have a 4 wt that tosses a nice line, and I would think most people would like to fish this rod. I use an intermediate sinking line and type 2 sink tip with this rod, and it fishes very well without any surprises. A short 52 grain LC-13 head on a floating line over loaded the rod, but it lobbed it out there.

    The Forecast line is a nice little light rod. I built up a 7 wt for steelhead, and found it lacking for the winter fishing I wanted to use it for. Its a real tip sensitive rod that gets overloaded with 8 wt shooting heads, but casts a 7 wt Airflo multitip well, and handles the type six sink tip, and my type 3 full sink line well. My 6wt line did not load the rod well, and it felt squirrely to me. The nice thing about this rod was that it fished like a 5 wt with that sensitive tip. I ended up trading it to a guy who wanted a 7 wt for summer steelhead. I just built up another Forecast blank, a 5 wt, that I am looking forward to.
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  4. windtickler

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    Modulus is how blank stiffness is rated. It's a way to compare relative rod stiffnesses. 51 used to be considered kind of stiff, but I cast a Sage TCR that they rated at 82 million! I would say that is the top of the scale for any rod I ever heard of (I can just see the dude from Spinal Tap saying "but our rods go to 11"). With each generation of graphite, they make stiffer rods.

    If you know the model of the rod you are looking for, you can go to the site, look up the modulus, and then compare it to the blank you are considering.
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  5. hedburner

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    Okay thanks for all the info on these, I'll go for the RX7 series and if I don't get too carried away on a fancy reel seat I should be able to build a nice rod for less than 150 bucks.:thumb
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  6. windtickler

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    These are the blank of choice at Greg's Custom Rods in Lake Stevens so he should have anything you need in stock to build a complete rod. For $25 extra you can take his class, use his equipment, and get great instruction.
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