Rainshadow blanks?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Nailknot, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. Has anyone ever tried Rainshadow blanks? How do they compare with other, more well know, blanks?
  2. Basically they are about all I fish with.

    I find it really hard to compare a blank to another line, as no two rods will fish exactly the same.

    In general, their IM-7 blanks are a nice casting Medium to Medium fast blank for general trout or salmon depending on the weight. I have a 4 wt and a 7 wt in this series.

    The IM-8 XCEL series is a fast blank designed for long lines, heavy heads and people that like fast actions. My most recent rod to build is a 9 wt in this series.

  3. I built a 9 foot 5 weight in their IM-6 blank. Nice quality blank, medium flex, it's forgiving on light tippets. It has enough power to shoot line, but nothing like my store bought SP 590. I'd like to build a 8 weight in their RX-8 blank.

  4. This winter I have finished a 4wt and a 5wt 9' IM6 Rainshadow rods. I haven't had a chance to fish with them yet but I have been casting a lot out on the snow. I feel like the 4wt is closer to a 5wt and the 5wt seems to throw a 6wt better than a 5wt. But that was with DT lines, perhaps when the new WF lines get here I'll have a different opinion. One other thing, the blanks are as straight as any I have purchased at any price and represent a very good value for the money. Ive
  5. Thanks for the feedback! The rod I'm considering is a IM6 10' #7. Also considering a Dan Craft Sig IV 6wt 9. Any feedback on those specific blanks? Much appreciated.
  6. At www.rodbuilding.org you will get many more opinions and feedback. It's all about rod building on that site. It's very friendly an a ton of expert advice.


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  7. Whoa Partner, 10' might be a mistake.

    I'd make sure I threw that 10 footer around awhile before comitting. The added length wears out your arm and kills accuracy, at that length you might check out a 12' spey for a 7wt. If you're trying to add distance go for a shooting head line. Just my .02. My brother went up to a 9'6" 6 wt and can't stand it. He borrows my 9' Avid 7wt everytimne he sees a flash in the Lewis. BTW what are you fishing for with the 10'?:hmmm
  8. Whoa Partner, 10' might be a mistake.

    Roper- thanks for the link. Ben: I've been fishing a 10 footer for a while, and it doesn't wear me out or hurt accuracy (in fact I find much more line control with it). I fish it with a muti-tip. The 10' 7 is my steelhead rod summer/fall for larger water, casts further and mends easier = line control. I'm looking for a single hander. Thanks for the feedback fellas.

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