rainshadow blanks?

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  1. anyone have a rainshadow switch rod? or got to play with one. if so what are your thoughts on them?

    im curious on the action...are they a fast action or medium fast?
  2. Are those blanks still made in Washington state? I'm guessing not.
  3. im not really sure. i know they are quick with shippment with orderes. so they may still be.
  4. I think their offices are still in washington. I am pretty sure I remember hearing that they moved production offshore. But I also have a bad memory, maybe they never made the rods here at all.
  5. lol

    well i just found out my rod builder has the rainshadow 10'8" 7wt switch rod blank so im gonna go check it out.

    i got a loomis switch from a buddie but decided i didnt want to pay that price for it and gave it back.

    i can get the rainshadow switch tied up at under half the price
  6. Last info I knew of, may have changed:

    Batson's rainshadow series were being made in Washington by Cascade when until the factory shut down. The Rainshadows from 2003/2004 were the last series from Cascade.

    All Forecast blanks are manufactured in Taiwan.
    Rainshadow RX6, RX7, and RX8 are manufactured in China.
    Rainshadow RX7+ and RX8+ are manufactured in the US - I'm not certain where but not in the Cascade factory :)

    As far as the original question: see the post HERE for a brief description (and a great looking build).

    If you are thinking about building on a Batson blank and have any questions about them, I'd suggest calling or emailing Batson. As in, Bill Batson the CEO - Last summer I called the phone number on the website and ended up transferred to Bill. He spent about 30 minutes answering questions from this random potential customer. The company has great reputation for customer service as well as some fantastic blanks and components.
  7. thanks for the link.
  8. has anyone used one? or have one?
  9. I have the 10' Rainshadow with the 4 or 5 inch fighting butt in 8wt that I switch cast all day long with. It is currently being repaired but I love the rod. Loads super easy.
  10. Thats my build. I'm working on an 8wt for myself. They are a mix of RX6, RX7, and RX8 graphite. This means they are made overseas but have a lifetime warranty. All of the rods are distrubuted and inspected locally in washington. The Batson's are first class. Very flexible tip, very stiff butt. I suspect they will be more moderate in action compared to Meiser's, Buelah, Sage Z-axis. I have emailed the Batsons on grain windows and have yet to hear back from them.

    They also have introduced a new line of spey blanks.
  11. yeah i just emailed them about line wts...

    im going to build a 7wt...its mainly gonna be for summer steelhead and beach use for silvers.

    i seen another guy who built a singlehand rod but put a extendable fighting butt (threaded one) so he would double hand cast it. i was thinking that would be nice but i dont even know where to begin to find that. ive looked everywhere.
  12. Those removable fighting butts may not handle the forces generated with two handed casting. I've heard but not seen of several blank failures using that method. Pac Bay, REC, struble all make removable butts. Pac bay even makes a 5" preformed one.
  13. its alot more sturdy then a normal removable butt.

    i think it would be to exspensive to go that way anyway...im trying to keep the cost under $250 anyway.
  14. i've done the removable butt thing. don't do it... just build a short rear grip... really doesn't need to be very big on a switch rod anyway.
  15. yeah i planned on it only being maybe 3" just enough to get my hand onto... :thumb:

    plus with the rainshadow only being 10'8" i dont want to take to much away from the rod length by making the handly longer then needed.

    im just gonna stick with a 3" butt and maybe 10 or 11" front cork. i think that should work out just perfect
  16. Is that a switch blank or their 10' single hander?

  17. thats more then likely the 10' single hand. i thought about doing that a couple months ago but held off...and im glad i did. cause they came out with an actual switch blank.
  18. Mine is the 10' single hand with a 4 inch fighting butt.

  19. yeah i was gonna have the same thing done but put it off due to funds.
  20. I did the same thing with my 10' 9wt Rain Shadow and if you use the Pacific Bay reel seat with the removable fighting butt which means that I have bot a 1" but and a 4" butt for the same rod depending on what application I wish to use it for. I know for a fact that Greg's Custom Rods carries all the Pac Bay fighting butts but I'm pretty sure you can get them from any fly shop that sells rod building materials.

    Beach, 2 handed over hand AFS head: 4" butt
    Switch Rod for use in smaller rivers: 4" butt
    Single handed casting in the rivers or beaches: 1" butt

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