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  1. I would like to know your opinion on the rainshadow blanks. I am purchasing a 8 wt switch by Allen. Anyone have experience with these rods and blanks? I will be using it for steelhead up in Upstate NY. I've heard good and bad reviews and would like to get more opinions.
  2. I built that same rod. I would call it a short spey for it would be a looooooong day to single hand it the whole time. I have a scandi that Steve Godshall makes for the 1088 and it cast great. On my other spool I lined it with Rio Steelhead taper and it lobs it out single handed just fine. Its a great blank :thumb:
  3. Thanks for your response. Eager to hear more!
  4. I am a little confused. You ask about Rainshadow blanks and say you have an Allen 8 wt.coming. If you are asking about Rainshadow blanks I can comment on them. They are great blanks. I build alot of these for people. The RX6 is a great entry point rod, medium to medium fast and great price. The RX7's are a little faster but lighter at still a very good price. The RX8' are lighter yet and very responsive. If you can find them the RX7+ and 8+ 's are as good as any blank out there. Too bad they don't make them anymore. The switch blanks are a combination of RX6 and 7 graphite and my customers think they are wonderful. I know nothing about the Allen's so I can not comment on them.
  5. I'll chime in.

    A couple years ago, before I worked for the company, Allen sold a few rods using Rainshadow blanks. This was before the company had the resources to develop our own blanks, which we do now.

    I personally haven't used them, so I can't contribute much else. Just wanted to clear up the rod confusion.
  6. Evan, would you happen to know about the "ss" model switch used by Allen at the time they were using Rainshadow blanks? For example, do you know if the ss model is the RX6,7,8 of the rain shadow series?
  7. So far it seems like Rainshadows are pretty good blanks. I am happy with my decision in my purchase. When I build my first rod, I will definitely consider buying a rain shadow blank. Any more opinions out there? :)
  8. Rainshadow (Batson Enterprises) blanks are great! I've built on a lot of different blanks of theirs, for myself personally and for Jim down at X Rodz. Both fly and gear blanks.

    My rods, that are on Baston blanks (that I still own) are:
    Rainshadow RX-8+ 9' 6wt 4pc
    Rainshadow IM-6 6' 2pc

    Rods I've had or built for others:
    Rainshadow 11'6" spey 6/7 wt 4pc
    Rainshadow 12'6" speys (2) 7/8 4pc - built for my friends nephews

    I haven't built a switch rod on their blanks, but have played with some built up ones and they are great. Great blanks at great prices.. and yes, I am biased.. :)
  9. I have an Allen SS 1088-4, 10'8" 8wt switch rod (rainshadow blank). First time out, something fell on the tip section in the camper. Snapped it in half. Never actually got to cast the rod properly because i'm new to the two hand thing. Finish is good quality, and the cork is very nice.

    Does anyone know where I can get it fixed locally or pick up a new one? I'm not into mailing stuff off if I don't have to.
  10. Batson is located in Sequim.You could go up there and get what you need.Is the finish green?
  11. I've built two rods for friends using their blanks and they felt good to me lawn casting. It's also pretty neat that they are made right here in WA. The last time I looked through their catalog, it seemed to me that they offer fewer fly blank series than years ago...but I could be wrong.
  12. They are headquartered in Sequim, but are not manufactured there.
  13. Has that always been the case?
  14. The finish on mine is black, but I don't really care what color the replacement tip would be.
  15. they only offer Olympic Green on the single handed RX7
  16. I built a IF1006-2 and a IF100502 both 10 foot, one 6 wt and the other 5 wt. Both real nice blanks. They both are the RX7 graphite material. I also have some of their blanks in gear rods. They're a good blank for the money. They're my go to blank when I want to build a rod.
  17. I believe so. The US built blanks are all designated by the + at the end (ie...RX8+ and RX7+)
  18. The Batson blanks are fantastic. I have built:
    -RX7 9' 6 weight-good functional rod, but I definitely like the RX8 better so the kids use this one a lot
    -RX8 9' 6 weight- I can't complain about this rod. I simply love it.
    -RX8+ 9'6" 7 weight- I absolutely love this rod. It is great.
    -RX7+ 9'6" 7 weight- Rod was decent, but I would stick with the Rx8 or Rx8+
    -RX8+ 9' 7 weight- Again a fantastic rod
    -RX7 10'8" 7 weight switch- I think this is a great rod for small to medium rivers. I recently built a PacBay Quickline switch in a 7 weight and I find my self grabbing the PacBay rod more and more. It is a really good feeling rod that can really launch some line when necessary.
  19. I built a 6wt. off a Rainshadow blank several years ago an it's seen a ton of use as my standard streamer/big water nymphing rod. I don't have any complaints really, overall its pretty good. However, my father built a 3wt. Rain-shadow and and it shattered at the ferrule (2 piece) a couple months after being built....
  20. I participated in a casting contest a few years ago, and a buddy of mine and I were planning on using my Sage XP. Another friend was going to use his Sage TCR. (This was a distance event). Before we all cast, the TCR friend test cast a 'prototype' FethaStyx built with a certain Rainshadow blank. He immediately fell in love with that rod, and used that instead of his beloved Sage TCR he'd cast thousands of times. I also used the FethaStyx instead of the XP. The rod was called an "xtra fast" action and generated great line speed, it still had some feel and wasn't a broomstick. Easy to cast, and a great performer. I own one, now. :)

    We did fine with that rod. :)

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