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  1. Building some of my first rods and decided to use the Rainshadow blanks by Batson. They are always on special at J.L. Stockard so I bought a couple. Does anyone have any input on the blanks themselves? Have you fished them and what do you think? I mostly spey cast now, even with my single hand rods and find that the slow/medium action is easier for that style of casting.(For me anyway) Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Joshua -Rainshadow carries a full range of blanks - so, you'll need to let us know what blanks you bought. You can also check out their website to figure out the actions - batsonenterprises.com - they give a fair bit of info on thier lineup.
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    Joshua, I have built on several Batson blanks from a 5' ultralight spinning/fly to a 13' 8/9 spey, and have been very pleased with all of them. I'm in the process of replacing most, if not all of my current quiver of rods with them. On the 13'er I like the progressive action of the large diameter 4pc blank. It will forgive my currently less than graceful spey casting stroke, and absolutely blast out an overhead two handed heavy sinktip into the surf. I think you, too, will be pleased.
  4. They are the dark blue ones. I don't know the name but i'm assuming the cheapies.
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    So I would assume they are the RX6 models. For the price, they represent a great bargin. They will definately be along the lines of a medium action rod, and are a bit "heavier" in feel. But for what you pay on them, and the performance you get, it's definately a great blank.. Honestly, you can't go wrong buying a Rainshadow!

    -- Cheers
    -- James
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    I've built my first two rods on Rainshadows, both RX6's. Both are built like tanks, and weigh as much as one, but they work well for what I use them and the price was right.

    I think they make great blanks to start building on.
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    Joshua - we've been assuming single hand rods - did you pick up one of their spey blanks too?
  8. I bought a 7'6" 3wt. and a 9' 4wt. I do want to buy the 11'6" 6-7wt. 4 piece two hander though. Any thoughts on that one?
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    The 11'6 Rainshadow Spey is (in my opinion) the gem of their spey series.

    Can't wait to see the pics of the finished rods -- let us know how it goes!

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