Ralph Wahl Tied Flies

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Jeff Dodd, Nov 4, 2012.

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    I had an opportunity to see a number of flies tied by Ralph Wahl today. I understand these flies have a new owner... someone Leland knows. Leland got him in touch with Gil Nyerges and Gill did his best to remove the flies (glued to poster board) and mount them under glass in a frame. (Fram Gil made)

    I have heard tales about Ralph Wahl and his unofficial record for a fly caught steelhead, but seeing these flies and the framed pictures together has me looking to read more about Mr. Wahl and his contributions to the PNW fly fishing.

    Here are the flies and Gil's notes of the pattern names. Ralph tied nice flies!

    Ralph Wahl 6 Flies.JPG

    Ralph Wahl 3 Flies.JPG RW2B.JPG
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    Boy do those names bring back some memories. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting these gentlemen, I do recall their names being mentioned at meetings and on fishing trips. Thanks for posting.
  4. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    I think there is some good writing on these guys from Artist and Author, raconteur fisherman, Russel Chatham in "Anglers Coast".
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    I have Ralph's book "Come Wade the River " sitting in my library with the foreword by Roderick Haig-Brown.:D It has a picture of that twenty pounds plus steelhead caught in the Skagit. Lots of pictures of Deer Creek too.
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    Bottom row, second from the left looks like Walt Johnson's Deep Purple Spey.
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    Inland, I beleive you are correct, one of my favoorite patterns.
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    Ralph had a tying room in his basement that was the envy of all who saw it. Actually, it was a sort of club room for fly anglers. The walls were covered with his photos, which were developed in the dark room next door. Ralph was a splendid photographer in the Ansel Adams school, as well as an inventive tier. I still have a few No. 1 Eagle Claw 1197G hooks - that's G as in gold plated, one of his favorite hooks for his brighter winter steelhead flies.
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    Cool book! I love how the black and white photography really brings out the mood/atmosphere of the season in which they were taken; especially the photographs that were taken during the winter.

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    I have that Come Wade the River book too, autographed by both Ralph and Haig-Brown. Regrettably I didn't get him to sign his Steelhead Shangri-La.
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    If you've never read "One Man's Steelhead Shangri-La", I recomend it, great book.
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    Steelhead Shangri-La has a very nostalgic feeling to it, even if we weren't there with Ralph. Not many roads in those days. Getting access to the places to fish was quite an adventure in itself. I was glad when Ralph finally wrote about it. It would have been a tremendous loss without it.
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    Al Knudson's Spider (Wet Spider) is my favorite sea run cutthroat fly. I have also caught lots of crappie with it. A good fly.