Ran into a mountain lion today

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by golfman44, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Actually seeing a mountain lion in the wild is a very cool thing. IMHO it is those encounters with the region's wildlife that makes many of our rivers such special places (of course the variety of wild fishy critters don' hurt for us fishers).

    In my decades of fishing and hiking the north Sound rivers I have encountered quite of few of the region's large animals and while I have always treated those encounters with caution and respected those encounters always rate right up there with the best fish encounters. In all that time I have feared for my life 5 or 6 times and in every case those encounters involved critters of the two legged variety. Look forward to see things like bears and cougars but can't say the same for some of my own species.

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  2. First, Associated Press claimed it was a "wildcat", and then had a photo of a cougar attached to the article. Last time I saw one, it was lounging under a tree on New Year's Day at the entrance to the arboretum on the Sacramento State grounds-and before you all call bull, my wife was with me and saw it too. We were headed for the New Year's day Ride with the Sac. Bike Hikers.
  3. They prefer heavy beads thrown on a tcx
  4. I can see it now. Something like:
    Man\'s Life - 1958 03 March - cover by Will Hulsey-8x6.jpg

    I'd consider it a good luck omen seeing a cougar in the wild, or a bear, or a fish...
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  5. I'd much prefer being at one of those 'Winter Resorts Where Batchelor Girls Run Wild'...unless it's linked to the 'slimey rodents' story below.
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  6. The ones to worry about is the one you do not see.... Cool to see one, very rare.

    I got to watch one stock a herd of deer in Nevada one day, awesome experience.
  7. I had an encounter 15 years ago while camo'd up bow-hunting in the Okanogan . Thirty feet away, tail twitching, ears back, low crouch. After the encounter, I back-tracked myself and found that he had been tracking me for a half mile. The only reason I even saw him was because the trail I was on dead ended at a cliff and I had to reverse course. When I turned around, there he was.

    Cover scent, deep fresh snow. Could have ended very badly, but I was lucky and was able to change his mind regarding lunch.

    Surprisingly, no fear from either of us. You will never forget those eyes once you have seen that look...

    And there would not have been time to consider various strategies had he made the move. I did pull out a broadhead from the quiver but doubt it would have done a lot of good other than as a possible stabbing weapon. You are ridiculously outmatched in nearly every circumstance imaginable.
  8. Damn! You actually managed to sneak up on a cougar. You must come and go like the wind.
  9. I've seen to while out in the woods. Definitely gets your blood flowing. A 3rd we didn't see, got us thinking.... Walking the rivers edge we spotted a cougar print in the damp sand. We had walked upstream and turned around to backtrack when Jack spotted it. It was slowly filling with water as we watched the print. It had been following us and couldn't have been 30 seconds since that print was left because it was semi dry and we watched it fill with ground water.

    My buddy doesn't miss anything when we're out and about.
  10. The only wild thing I came face to face was a Black Bear. He went one way and I went the other way. I learned to walk on water that day.
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  11. Yesterday I saw a fox, a large white tail buck, a bald eagle, and a half dozen steelhead. Pretty exciting day for Ohio.
  12. I am scared to death of lions. This does not help.

    Go Sox,
  13. Sounds like a cool experience. I've only seen one cougar in decades of outdoor life, and that one was in B.C.

    You should have stayed and fished that spot. You'd have nothing to worry about unless you loaded your backpack with pink salmon for the hike back out.


  14. I shoulda just low holed the bitch with a spoon while taking pulls from my flask. Teach that kitty a lesson.
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  15. Jim Speaker can teach you a thing or two about cats...
  16. would have been the first pussy you got in awhile
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  17. Detroit Lions?????????????????
  18. Nate Treat would be home tying flies with cougar fur right now.
  19. let me borrow your fly girls calender please
  20. I hear teeth are great for hooks

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