rattlers... what to do?

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  1. Not knowing the leagality of such actions as killing rattlesnakes, I contact the WDFW and it was confirmed that it is leagal but only if you have a hunting license. Otherwise you will be breaking the law if you harrass them without warrent.

    Now starlings on the other hand are fair game to anyone who wants to take them out.

    Rattlesnakes do taste a bit like a cross between a chicken and frog legs and fish.

  2. Rattlers, taste like a cross between bald eagle and spotted owles...with a little Bambi thrown in.
  3. I thought someone might throw this joke in there someplace, heck I thought about it myself.

  4. I hate snakes more than anything. I killed the snakes because there is no way in hell they will bite you next time when they are dead the first time. I live in a place where rattlers are everywhere, and if you guys want to come over and do some nature watching, be my guest, but I will kill all that I see and can. Sorry if you don't agree, but when I stepped on the tail of a 5 1/2 foot rattler in the middle of nowhere, it made me want to keep the gun. I stepped off a rock and landed on its tail, where it did strike at me, but it was halfway through some rabbit brush, so when it struck, it was stopped short by the branch. We shot it, and a few minutes later, another gentleman came by and thanked us for killing the snake. I'm not the only one who kills them.
  5. I hate snakes more than anything. I killed the snakes because there is no way in hell they will bite you next time when they are dead the first time.

    There is merit in these words, But we can't kill everything that scares us or there would be no excitement left in our lives.
  6. Like I said, I hate them. I was almost bit. I kill them. Sorry if I pissed anyone off...
  7. Connor:

    I truly feel sorry for you with that attitude. I'm not "pissed off" just have no idea where you area coming from. You can't tell me that each of them cirtters was poised to strike. If you found (8), you be looking to do the mayhem.

    From your description of the rabbit brush and rocks, you be traipsing through the wrong places in rattlesnake country. To each his own.

    Sad commentary.

  8. All snakes were shot while walking down the creek. I meant in no way to chase and shoot them, but just because a couple weren't "poised to strike" doesn't mean they wouldn't get you on the way back. The only reason I would even attempt to walk through any of these places is for the lure of massive hopper eating trout that will blow your mind. I was not imposing that you were pissed, but just because what I do is horrible in the eyes of some, is completely normal where I come from. When I move to Seattle in June, I will no longer kill rattlers. Hell, I can jump off as many rocks in to bushes as I like... I might just do that. ;)
  9. If Connor has a hunting liscense then he is ok to kill the snakes. I assume that he does. I won't kill ducks anymore or rabbits but I don't begrudge those who do. Although I don't believe anyone kills them because they hate them. I used to kill spiders, because I hated them but now I'm much better educated about their real danger, so now I leave them alone.

  10. You guys need to get into Tenkara fishing were you will find peace & harmony with you inner Karma, Or maybe just drink more beer as your way to uptight , lighten up your killin my mojo !!!!!!
  11. I just finished some wine, feeling much better now. :)
  12. Irafly:

    Thanks. I be done.

    Bennysbuddy- Okay - what ever you want. It has nothing to do with peace and harmony - kill what you want, when you can. I am "(en)lightened up on the killing mojo". If ya see em, smoke em.

  13. I WAS bit. I still think they're a pretty cool creature.
  14. Connor

    I feel the same about Canadians but I don't go around shooting them all! Seriously, many farmers and ranchers accept having them around as they take care of a lot of rodents. If I had one pin me in a corner, I would take him out, but if he can move along, so will I. And yes I do run into a few from time to time.
  15. Man, Zen just when I thought we could be friends and you show how stupid and ignorant you are again...

    You suck, man. Truly.
  16. I was at Rocky Ford when a guy was bit once. Unreal. He handled it like a man actually, he said he is in the snake's territory, no hard feelings. Pretty impressive.

    He had been bit before in Texas and this one "was just a light one"...

    I kid you not, drove himself to Soap Lake for ice.
  17. Golden trout, I really haven't read nothing of merit in your posts other than whacko opinions. We'll see if settings has a button that will blank out your, for lack of a better word, crap.
  18. This is interesting, I didn't know that canadians take care of a lot of rodents or that farmers & ranchers as a whole like having them around ,I as well often run into canadians but they seem more intersted in beer than they do rodents....
  19. Is this the one you killed on the Ronde?
  20. That was a stupid thing to do.....the ice. Not killing the snake is his call.

    A friend was bit at his house. Two days in intensive care and $38,000 later they released him from the hospital. It was a "light" bite only one fang and he toughed it out until every part of his body was tingling and he realized he was in deep trouble.

    Yes, he started with ice as a treatment.

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