Rattlesnake Lake and a Valuable Warning

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  1. This report is a little late, but I was out on Rattlesnake lake last Saturday. It was about 45 degrees, and I haven't a clue what the water temps were, but there were fish. I don't have a pontoon boat, so I walked around the lake until I found drop offs and submerged logs. I used an intermediate line to begin with and got one chase on a small baitfish pattern.But seeing as how the fish were holding low I threw on a heavier fly (A black wooly bugger) and I immediately got a 12 inch rainbow. Seemingy that's all there was, at the depth I was fishing. So I switched to my sink tip and roll casted as far as I could with the brush to my back and dragged flies as near the bottom as I felt comfortable which involved alot of lost flies. My searching proved worth while and I soon was fighting an 18 inch fishy to shore. All were promptly returned, I don't care much for photos. But they were healthy, unfortunately my dad didn't find the same success. It was far tougher going than usual, but for January I have no complaints.

    Interestingly, a woman was walking around the lake, and I heard her talking to herself a good distance away. I assumed it was some hands free device, but when she got closer she was talking about me. I heard her say "theres the first mother f*****" And as she got closer she proceeded to call me a murderer, and said that she should gut me so I can see how it feels. "What with you killing flies and fish." And I attempted to inform her that I wasn't hurting anything, but when people lose it, nothing you can say really helps. She moved on to my father after he yelled, "what are you saying to my son." He was a good distnace away, but I wasn't overly concerned on account of I still have a functioning brain. Btw drugs are bad. Anyhow, she had her unfriendly words to him, making more threats. We could hear her having a talk to a family with little children half way around the lake after that, we were thoroughly disgusted. I will likely send an email to the authorities of the area, because these kind of people don't typically calm down about these kind of things. And based on some of her statements she appeared to be local. I don't want this to escalate, if she was targetting a catch and release fly fisherman, a local with bait who decides to kill one may not fair to well. She's about a 5' 8'' blonde lady of about 40 years of age, if you meet her, it won't be subtle. I will send an email, so the authorities can keep an eye out.
  2. Yeah, my fathers wasn't. And I was busy stripping my fly, high school has taugh me to ignore a lot of bullshit haha
  3. Thanks for the report. Glad you were able to find a couple fish from the bank. Always a nice reward for a January day!

    She sounds like a real nut job for sure. Definitely will want to keep an eye out. You never know when something like that will escalate quickly.
  4. That's what Meth will do to someone.
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  5. That was our thought too, but on the plus side it is great motivation to save up for that pontoon boat. We can wave and smile like hell
  6. WOW and i was going to send my daughter to that lake this summer . But my daughter was in full contact martial arts for quite a few years - competed in western nationals here in portland so i would guess she would have to protect herself and kick this lady's ass ! I myself would of felt in danger and had to protect myself by dropping her - end of confrontation !
  7. Just have to watch your back, these people are everywhere. It's not a reason not to go, just a particular problem worth looking out for. I wouldn't do anything unless assaulted, words mean damn near nothing coming from a crazy person. Nothing worth provoking. But anyone that values the life of fish above that of people could be more dangerous than anticipated, she could come back with a gun next time. Its a crazy ass world, and until im of age to carry, I will have my bear spray and a video camera ;)
  8. Which pontoon boat, one I can stand up in and really get the crack heads attention in, or a small more portable one that I can just sport my rebel flag from? All the questions...
  9. This will prove to be a valuable skill in life. But don't ignore it of you can change it for the better.
  10. Almost sounds like Coprolalia, found in a small portion of Tourette's patients, or some other form of mental illness where she may be off her meds. From the description she doesn't sound dangerous beyond being verbally offensive (and scary for the kids). The behavior can be shocking and certainly unexpected but I always try and look at them as handicapped instead of criminal or evil.

    You're smart not to overreact, and I'm guessing a lot of the locals know who she is and what kind of illness she has.

    If it's simple drug addiction I doubt you'll see her for long.
  11. Felt in danger from a 40 year old woman?

    I have had this happen a couple of times on the area beaches, even have people go as far as throwing rocks at me or where I am fishing. I can normally move them along by moving out of the water onto the beach where they can see my size. Only once did I have to even say something.

    I know we have a lot of tough guys here who pack heat for all the crazies out there, maybe we need a thread for which gun is best for 40 year old women?
  12. Not to many 40 year old women carry hand guns, thats my stereotype for the day. I doubt im wrong, but if someone really wants to shoot you while your fishing, it's going to happen unless they really suck with their weopon. Straight up assault is FAR more likely, and I wouldn't find a valid reason to pull a gun at my usual urban fisheries for such actions, I could hold my own one way or another without. (Watch me be completely wrong, and get owned at the Rocky Ford) haha. In the mounatins a gun makes perfect sense, animals and armed locals. But for public parks and more populated areas theres damn near always a way out. Bear spray is far more hilarious besides ; ) Now back to tying scuds
  13. I live in Buckley, changing any of the local worm drowners is revolutionary. I have converted a few, and showed them the way of catch and release. Now to show them the ways of catch and release deer hunting ;) I found the running start program to suit my needs more than high school, green river is a far more possitive environment. But now I hardly have time to tie my flies, so im hoping this snow cancels school for a while :)
  14. A loud one. If someone is armed though, and you bring yours to hand first, now they can claim 'self defense' instead of you, and you may have just started a gun fight that didn't need to happen.
  15. Recently I heard the words to a song that answers the issues here: God is great; beer is good, and people are crazy. Tight line!
  16. If you're never been afraid of a 40 year old woman, apparently you've never divorced one!
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  17. Friendly word of caution on the implication that you may use bear spray on a human, this would not be a wise move. Read the canister and you should know why.
  18. Don't have a canister to read, but I'm curiouse why?
  19. Ha,ha. Shame on you for killing those flies...
    Maybe she was just a Peta Person.
  20. Ever hear back from Authorities? Wonder if she is known to them already.

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