Rattlesnake Lake Poaching

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by springer125, Jun 21, 2011.

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    I went out with the old man for fathers day to rattlesnake, I hadnt fished the lake for years and last time i did it was a catch and kill lake. We were excited to see what had changed since the regs have changed to catch and release. However, as soon as we got there we witnessed at least 2 people (on the bank) cleaning fish? The one person we confronted about it said "Mind your own business." Well the way i see it that is my business. For the people who fish this lake reguarly is this a common problem? With this lakes history of being catch and kill and its close prxomity to Seattle im sure its fairly common. Does anyone know a # to call for a game warden besides the basic one in the Regs? Is it even worth the trouble? I mean do we really want the wardens spending time patrolling a stocked lake when they could be protecting wild Steelhead/Salmon in the area? As far as the fishing went we caught 10 fish 12-16 inches trolling minnow patterns throughout the day.
  2. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    911, works for me.
    Make the call, "poaching is poaching"
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    Of course report it. The enforcement officers can decide whether or not it is worth their time to check it out. Getting license plate #'s sure helps the process go smoothly. And you can argue that you're probably protecting wild salmon and steelhead by reporting those lowlifes because they are probably the same guys out snagging winter steel and catching barrels of wild coho.
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    Yes. And there are no steelhead/salmon in the area :clown:

    Short of safety concerns, always confront. The reality is we don't have the resources for sufficient patrol, so you and I are it. Good work getting in their face even if nothing came of it...I hate the thought of them just getting away with it while everyone else turns a blind eye (the only thing worse than being PC and holier than thou is being PC, holier than thou and a wuss...and as it is I think we're hanging on the edge of that...it's rather embarrassing).

    The unfriendly reaction I hear about always puzzles me though since I've confronted quite a few and never see that one. It's always one of two things: Either they are unaware/play dumb, and that's a friendly conversation, or they take flight on my approach. Sounds pretty brazen for someone to stand their ground and harass back when they know they're breaking the law. Maybe North Bend is just more ghetto than Anacortes :confused:
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    Report it. Call 911, and they'll patch you through or they'll take your phone # and have the warden call you back (hopefully).
    They're going to ask you a few questions, so make sure you're prepared with all the info' you can get like their car make and license #, age estimates, color of their shirt, etc.
    It's a drag to see these creeps screwing things up for everyone - but report it. As thin as enforcement is, they have been known to respond quickly if they happen to be in the area. I've called in and witnessed it.
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    Thanks for the feedback, was unable to get any plate # or anything to that affect since we were fishing out of a boat and the poachers were bank fishing. Hopefully what I saw was a minor problem their as it would be nice to have a quality catch and release lake so close to Seattle.
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    I was fishing Merrill with another board member and we spotted a bait caster on shore.
    Motored over and took a picture of him using the camera in the cell phone.
    Peter, remember that day?
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    In today's day and age everyone has a camera phone. Snap a few pictures of the guys face, the fish, license plate etc. and turn it in. Or post it here so we can look out for these types. We do the same thing with people who take thier ORV's or 4x4's into areas that are off limits. Contact, take pictures and then depending on thier attitude, turn them in or let them go. Most people are ignorant of the laws and the implications of breaking them. Usually a friendly contact/education session works. If not let LEO have them. It's working pretty well, if you have enough "evidence" the enforcement agency will contact the offender and cite.
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    were you in a drift boat?
  10. Blake Harmon Active Member

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    make the call yo, it takes 2 minutes of your time.
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    WSDFW Poaching #800-477-6224
    Log that puppy on your cell phone! I called once on a punk that crossed over the other lane on a country road just to run over a ring neck pheasant....and kept going. They do take it seriously. I had a warden/ranger at my house within a day to take a full report. He said they had verified my initial phone report with the owner of the vehicle and were visiting him next.....with 4-5 charges against him.
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    I hate poachers. Report them. Someone will show up. I would call on the phone within earshot of the poacher in hopes that he will cease his illegal activity and move on. Of course that's not such a good idea if poacher is big and dangerous. I do believe that you will get a response from law enforcement since RSL is a popular public facility.
  13. Stewart Skunk Happens

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    When you call, if you end up with the State Patrol, just tell them the violation is poaching. That was advice I got from a DFW officer here in Spokane. You can get the cell phone number for the local DFW LEO, but as far as I know, you've got to get it through personal contact. They love to bust poachers and love to get reliable tips from informed sportsmen. Get a license plate number if you can. Photos are even better.
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    Reminds me of a time years ago. My brother & I were scouting where we'd like to fish before the opener. We we're checking out Medical and West Medical in Spokane County. We were on foot, no fishing gear of course (mid April). We stumbled on a couple of characters clearly in a clandestine pre-season fishing opportunity. They had ganked a load of trout from the shore; they didn't notice us. My brother called it in and we were followed up with by WDFW. These guys were prosecuted and honestly it felt good. It just wasn't right to see them with piles of fish before everyone else had a fair and ethical chance...

    Convince them to leave or call it in I say!
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    Yep, dont leave home w/out it.
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    Think you and your dad rowed passed me a couple of times. I was watching the guys near the boat ramp but didn't see anything my self. A couple weeks ago two guys were way down at the northwest end of the lake fishing off the bank. I'm always sceptical of bank anglers at RSLfor some reason.
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    They guy who was cleaning fish was on the north shorem right next to the large exposed rocks below Rattlesnake mountain. It was hard to tell he was even fishing becasue he would cast his line out and set his pole on the ground, Probably fishing worms/powerbait/ or something to that affect. He left about an hour after we got on the water, 30 minutes or so after we said something to him. Couldnt tell how many fish her had caught, we only saw him clean 1 but who knowes how long he was out there. I didnt notice the guys by the ramp. Im guessing if the were fishing illegally by the ramp they probably were unaware of the rules, or just really stupid.
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    Well first off since this is my first post on the forum, I'd like to say hi. Second of all, I'd definitely report this. The local WDFW Officer is Chris Moszeter and he is a hard charger and a great guy to deal with. On a side note, I was out there fishing last week with my buddy. We were trolling in the evening and had quite a few bites but didn't land anything.
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    Hey mate good on you for confronting him. Too bad he was an idiot. Poaching is just a shame. I mean I hardly ever go to rattlesnake just because I love to eat some fresh trout and I can't do it there. So i go to a lake where I can. Catch and release lakes, streams, and creeks are definitely a resource where you can take a beginner and hopefully get them good bites because people aren't wiping out the population.

    I will be sure to number down for poaching in my phone as well. As far as being serious I'm not sure how Wa state is since i just started seriously fishing it, but I know down in cali they will take your gear, the car you used to get there, and you boat if you are using one and seize it.
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    when you call 911 from your cell it goes to the state patrol and you tell you are reporting a crime and ask to talk to a game warden since they are state troopers now and that means if the game warden is 100 miles away since there is not enough of them! A stater should be able to help since a game warden is probably caught someone for speeding on the highway when they should be cuffin poachers and not speeders!