Rattlesnake Lake?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Steelie L, Jul 12, 2002.

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    Anyone been to Rattlenake Lake lately? I'm wondering what the water temp's like -- if it's over 70, I don't want to be jeopardizing the fish. Thanks.
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    I'd be suprised if the lake was that warm yet. But I don't know for sure.

    But I do know that if you plan to go, you better go first thing in the morning or wait until the weather gets bad again. From 10am to dark you'll be dealing with swimmers and partiers...
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    I fished Rattlesnake on Saturday from 7:30PM to 10:00PM. The swimmers mostly stayed on the boat launch side of the lake exept one who was swimming the lake. I tried a sinking line with a leech pattern with little luck. Lots of surface activity so I switched to floating line and finally struck using a black emerger pattern with a white trailing shuck. I caught many in the 8-9 inch range until my last one at about 9:30. I though he was small until he took and bent double my 5 weight. I fought him for about 5 minutes until he threw the hook right at the kayak. I did not get a great look at him since it was getting dark but he still did not seem that big maybe 12-14" but the way he bent the rod all I can say is wow. The back corner once again was home to a couple fishing with bait. I wish the game department would set up signs in that corner but even after I talked to them they continued to fish for another couple of hours. At least though while I was at that end watching them they did not reel in a single fish. I wish I would have had a cell phone on me. It was still a great time fishing this lake, like it always is. I just wish the lake was closer to my house so I could fish it after work rather the fishing lakes like North Lake.
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    just remember, spin-fisherman are people too...

    I have heard a lot about rattlesnake lake but i am not sure where it is. any info would be appreciated.
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    I have nothing against spin fishermen or women its even legal at Rattlesnake Lake as long as only a single hook is used. What is not legal on Rattlesnake is the use of power bait or worms. This is the only lake within 30 minutes of Seattle that is set up as a selective fishery and there are plenty of other lakes for those wanting to use worms, cheese or power bait. The next closest lake of this type that I know of is Coldwater down by MT St Helens. There may be others but they are the closest selective fishing lakes I know of. Rattlesnake is just off of I90. The creation of fly fishing only and selective fisheries is to make areas have the type of fishing in Washington that other states have so that one day people will come to Washington or stay in Washinton to fish for high quality fish rather then going to Colorado and Montana. Those people spend money in our state while here, which helps to create jobs in our area. There are plenty of lakes in Washington for all types of fishing including catch and keep. Rattlesnake is one of the few in Western Washington set up as a selective fishery. Many of us wish a few more were this way and that fish and game would put up better signs marking the lakes as either a selective fishery or fly fishing only. A good example of a fly fishing only lake is Lake Merrill down South of ST Helens that even though it has not been planted in about 7 years is still a very productive fishery that you have at least a chance of hooking into a large trout and on a good day maybe a few. Merrill is flyfishing only 1 fish under 12" limit so few fish are taken legally out of the lake.