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    I think rsl has a sustainable population of fish and wdfw adds to that each spring. What would be the point of a catch and release lake without a sustainable population?
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    What do you mean by sustainable? There is no real stream where reproduction can occur so stocking is necessary if there is to be a fishery @ RSL.
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    Guess your right, fish don't spawn in Rsl.
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    I fished Rattlesnake last Thursday. Interesting conditions with very low water. I landed 5 all a on a non beaded, sparkly Olive Bugger. I also used a Rio Deep Six full sink line. All Rainbows around 12". Even with extremely low water levels the depth is at 43' and the surface temp was at 57-58 degrees. Not the most exciting fishing but it was certainly a beautiful day and RSL is a convenient outing and a great opportunity to do some fishing close to home.
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    I noticed the same thing with the drop in water level. It dropped a lot in just a couple days. I did notice the fishing was tougher on Monday.
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    Believe what you want. And I don't expect to see you on the lake.