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Discussion in 'Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels' started by deerfield, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. deerfield New Member

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    Because I just can't justify owning any more graphite rods, I've decided I'm ready for bamboo. Are there any used bamboo rod dealers in Washington? Someplace to see/cast a rod before buying it?
  2. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Casting a (decent) cane rod before buying is a tough proposition since the market for them is so small compared with graphite. Since most flyfishers want a rocket fast plastic rod at somewhere around $200 (witness all the raves for TFOs), it's highly unlikely that any mainstream shop would waste their time and money to stock slow action bamboo rods that might cost half again as much as a Sage XP.

    Creekside in Issaquah occasionally has cane rods on consignment, so they might be worth a call. You might try looking up Ray Gould in Lynnwood. Ray is nationally recognized and both builds and repairs cane rods and occasionally has some available for sale. Otherwise, your best bet will be to find someone locally who has one for sale that you can try out.

    Finally, you might also try a rod from the For Sale section on Clark's Bamboo Rod Forum at Any rod sellers posting on that forum are required to honor a 3-day return privilege. You'll buy the rod and pay to have it shipped to you. You'll then have three days to cast it and can return in the same condition it arrived it for your money back. You'll be responsible for the cost of return shipping, handling and insurance. Just think of it as an opportunity for a 3-day test cast for about $40-$50.

    Cane rod fishers are a dedicated subset of all flyfishers (self-styled 'caneiacs'.) If you try a bamboo rod and fall in love with it, you'll immediately understand the bond we all share. If not, then it'll be like a dog whistle that you simply won't be able to hear and you'll scratch your head wondering what all the fuss is about.

    If you've got more questions about cane, I'd be happy to respond to your PM off the board.

  3. Dan Member

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    I agree with Kent's thoughtful response. I was in the same place you were about two years ago. I found a local builder that actually let me cast two of the rods that he had completed for other customers. I wouldn't ask to do the same again today, having a better appreciation for his work and the high standards that his customers demand. But, it never hurts to ask. I also made a trip to Denver to visit a bamboo rod dealer and builder and while he had no rods in the shop for me to demo, he invited me to the Colorado Cane Clave. I have yet to make it to one, but he promised that he would have rods available that I could cast. I'm sure that's true.

    So, after checking with builders and dealers, see if you can find a cane clave in the PNW. Kent probably knows where they are. Finally, try posting on Clark's Forum. They are a very friendly, helpful group that both collect and fish bamboo. I'd be willing to bet that you would get an offer to meet on a river to demo one or more rods if you made a polite request there.

    Tight lines.
  4. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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    Unfortunately for the rest of us, Ray Gould has moved out of his home/rod shop and stopped making or repairing rods.

    Other than that ditto everything else Kent said.

    A polite request on this board might draw out a few willing folks for an introduction to a variety of bamboo rods. Surely between a few of us we could put together a wide spectrum of rods.
  5. Northlake27 Member

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    May be able to help you out, sent you a message.
  6. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Tim, thanks for the update on Ray - I knew his health was failing but didn't know he'd moved. The bamboo rod community has lost a legendary resource.

    Interesting thought about putting together a bamboo casting meeting. I'm open and willing to share. How would it work?

  7. herl Member

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    I would also be interested. I have been bitten by the bug and my collection has swelled to ~10 rods in various states of repair.

    Deerfield: You are in for a treat when you find the right rod and it clicks for you. DOn't give up if you are underwelmed at first. I have found that it takes the right combination of rod, line and casting stroke to really open ones eyes.

    Best of Luck!
  8. Salmon Candy Member

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    Ray is a great resource, is well-connected to the bamboo rod makers throughout the west, and I think he still has some of his rods for sale. Another source is the Dunsmuir (CA) Rod Company which sponsers a bamboo rod building seminar.

    Andy Royer, a bamboo broker and executive producer of Trout Grass, is showing the DVD at The Northwest Fly Anglers meeting, September 21, 2006. All are welcomed. For more information, go to and
  9. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Are you ever right about that! I bought a Leonard Duracane impregnated 7-1/2' 2/2 for 4/5wt a couple years back. After casting it was so underwhelmed that I've never even fished it, although I keep trying it with various lines. Other fishers love the Duracane, so I guess it must simply not agree with my casting stroke, or perhaps the way I cut my hair.

    By comparison, I found a T&T Special Trouter with identical specs. It's night and day compared with the Duracane, doing everything I ask of it and working seamlessly with my stroke. The only significant difference between the two rods is the taper, and what a difference it makes!

  10. Lugan Joe Streamer

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    I agree with all of Kent's comments, and I'd also be interested in a cane casting conclave. Maybe we could convince a regional rod maker or two to attend as well: AB Herndon of Malo WA comes to mind plus the many makers in Oregon, starting with AJ Thramer.

    I got my first 'boo rod this spring (Eden Cane 7011) from Len Codella, also a legend in the business. He's the semi-retired former owner of T&T and he really knows his stuff. He's also willing to spend a lot of time talking with you about your fishing, casting, etc. in order to make an educated guess about what you might like. In my case, he was exactly right the first time and I did not need to invoke his 5-day return policy.
  11. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Perhaps maker Robert Kope from Seattle might also be persuaded to join us. Cliff has one of his quads and it's a real beauty. Cliff . . . ?

    You're right on about Len Codella. He's one of the better nationwide dealers along with Marty Keane.

  12. 2 Much Fishin New Member

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    I will bring my two rods!! :beer2:

  13. Tom Bowden Active Member

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    I'm an amateur bamboo rodmaker & would be willing to participate in this. I have a bunch of rods that you guys could cast.

    4 or 5 years ago I participated in a bamboo casting day in Salem, Oregon. It was held in the gym at Willamette University in conjunction with a fly fishing expo sponsored by one of the Oregon clubs. Lots of people got a chance to cast some nice rods, and us rodmakers had a chance to exchange tapers and ideas, and try each others rods. It would be great if somebody could put an event like this together up here.

  14. Shawn MD a.k.a. Riverfisher99

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    I have zero experience with Bamboo, but I have a very peaked interest, and would love the opportunity to cast a couple, so I am definately in if it is alright with the masses.

  15. martinrjensen BambooBoy

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    I have a rod for sale that I built specifically for someone who is used to Graphite. I plan onto selling it on a bamboo rod sales website, but I haven't sent it there yet as work keeps getting in the way. It is a Payne 101 taper, very nice, very fast (for bamboo). it is dark toned also. It's 7 1/2 ft length and throws a WF5 pretty well. As someone stated, bamboo rods are inherently slow action and that's what I prefer. Knowing that most people are used to fishing graphite, I picked this taper so that the transition would not be too bad. I think it is a very nice casting rod, personally faster than I would ever want to use though. You or anyone else is welcome to check it out. Unfortunately I am out of the state for a week or two (working up in Alaskas Aleutian Islands. Hopefully I will be home in about a week. I have built several rods and will sell this one for $350.00. I have a crude website which I put up which does show a little of my handy work.
    As I write this I am starting to wonder if I am oversteping the bounds of this forum in regards to advertizing. I feel I am ok in this regard though becasue this was in response to a query not just a blatent ad. Regardless, I will not post anymore of this type but please, anyone interested email me.
  16. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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    Well, it seems there is a bit of local interest. So here are my thoughts and suggestions.

    To attempt to expand this into a full fledged conclave type event is to ask for far more work than most of us are probably willing to do, plus it will take far more time to get it organized so lets keep it simple.

    We need a volunteer to be the point of contact.
    All interested parties PM that person with their email address.
    Through private email we settle on a date and location that suits the majority.
    I suggest McDonald park at the confluence of the Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers. There is lots of grass and lots of water.
    We all show up, meet new rods and have some fun.

    The sooner this happens the better. The weather might not cooperate much longer.
    Everyone and anyone is invited.

    To get things rolling someone needs to volunteer as contact point.
    It won't be me. I already work in the exhibits and events industry.

  17. martinrjensen BambooBoy

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    I would love to so this. I do a lot of traveling in the winter months especially (I'm up in St Paul Island in Alaska right now) but if I'm home, I'm in. I could bring several rods for people to look at and cast. Good chance to meet other local rod makers too!
  18. Canedawg Member

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    I could Bring along a W.M. Stream and lake. I have sold all my Cane rods except that and a W.M. Victory. If anyone sets this up,let me know. I should be able to make it unless the Huskies are playing.
  19. martinrjensen BambooBoy

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    You have a Victory? What length? I built a 2 piece 8.5 ft'er copied off of a 3 piece WM Victory. Nice taper. It is a nice rod. I cast a WF 7 on it but you could cast a 6 wt too. Use it mostly for nymph fishing. Love to see yours. Hope this thing gets airborne.
  20. Demon Spey New Member

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    WOW I would love to be a part of this. I have a question
    (Not to hijack this post) On a cane rod how do you determin the line Wt of the rod ???? I have been wondering this since I use to have 3-4 cane rods at one time (I made a terrible mistake selling them):mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: