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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by gbeeman, Apr 15, 2010.

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    I've read a lot of the online reviews and searched the forum and have decided take the plunge into a DSLR. Since I have a couple of older Nikon lenses, that's where I'm headed. My inclination is to buy the D5000. However, I know that a few of you here have sprung for the D90 and I'm curious if it's really worth the extra $. I don't my spending the extra bucks but I wonder if I'll actually notice the difference. I'd appreciate any feedback.


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    The older lenses will fit on the d5000, but the d5000 has no drive motor for autofocus - it uses lenses with the quietdrive motors.

    Having said that, I shoot a d-5000 with both auto and manual lenses, and love it. The flip-out viewfinder is a boon for off-angle or "creative" shooting.

    Pretty sure the d90 has the drive motor in the camera body for lenses...anyone wanna confirm?
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    I have the D90 and yes, it has the drive motor. I didn't reply to this thread because I have never shot the 5000. I really like my 90.
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    yer, you need to have an afs lens if you get a d5000 for auto focus. The D90 has better sensor & specs in general, check out classifieds for great deals on near new to new cameras (& lenses). Most active B&S forum I have seen.
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    Thanks for the input!