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  1. Hey guys...thanks for posting your awesome work and sharing the rod building tips. I am starting my 3rd rod and fear that I have become addicted to the craft. Now I need some decent tools.
    Who makes the best reamers for cork? I currently have just one from Dan Craft that consists of the ground up grit glued on a piece of blank. It works fine but think it's going to wear out quickly and I need at least one larger diameter.
  2. Batson Enterprises has all the tools and rod building supplies you would need. Give them a call or order from there sight. Karry Batson is an awesome guy and the prices are good. That is where I get all my stuff and rod kits. I have one ready to go now, it's a Rainshadow 8'6"5wt 4pc and also a DobR Lil' Streamer at 5' 5wt 2pc. Can't wait to start.
  3. I buy RAT files from a goood woodworking shop=they are metal relatively cheap and will never wear out on cork-they of course are round[thus RAT TAIL] and come in many sizes and cutting surfaces-also use them in my wood work.
  4. Thanks guys. I have been getting some stuff from Carol at Utmost and she's been good.
    Yammy, are those tapered rat files?
  5. Yes they are tapered
  6. dream reamers
  7. I'll second dream reamers

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