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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jeff Dodd, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. I found this fly in my box. I use to buy these at a tackle shop in Everett and recall being told the tier is from Mt. Vernon, WA. Does anyone recognize this pattern, or know the name?

    It's a fish catching pattern that I am going to attempt to copy, but curiosity about the body material,

    Thanks! IMAG0748.jpg
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  2. I've not seen it before, but maybe I can help deconstruct it by attempting to identify the materials used. I'm color blind, so I can't help with shades, but here's what I see:

    Tail--maribou fibers
    Ahead of tail--Pheasant rump?
    Visble portion of body--hair, but from what--blond phase black bear? coyote? pig bristles? too coarse for fox.
    Front collar--almost certainly guinea.
  3. body could even be squirrel tail.
  4. Looks like a Pigpen Leech
  5. pheasant rump it shall be then...but I think olive or brown-dyed guinea would be "dead sexy". Is the body spun pig hair?
  6. I dont think so pig hair is pretty brissel
  7. I tied one last night but don't yet have the body material the same as the store-bought fly.

    Hook- 2xl, straight eye, size 10
    Red thread
    Tail - light olive maribou with dark olive maibou stacked on top
    The front and rear collar are both pheasant rump.
    Body- does appear to be in a dubbing loop

    I used olive tri-lobel on my first fly but the stuff I have has too much flash.
    The fibers on the body of this fly are fairly long, thin and do appear to be hair, not synthetic. I will try different dubbing material report back...

    A couple years ago in March I landed a 5lbs (didn't weigh him, but) bass on this fly in Lone Lake. He slowly sucked it in... I could easily fit my fist in his mouth.
  8. I don't recognise this fly but I will be tying some. Lots of room for variations on this theme.

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  9. Possum in a loop? Not being able to handle the fly to feel the texture of the hair makes it real guesswork, but I see some similarity there.
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  10. body is rabbit
  11. Not a very impressive pattern. Probably a leech? was intended?????
    Personally, I would just tie a run of the mill leech pattern.
  12. I'd go with angora goat for the body material.
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  13. Beats me what the devil it is but I can see why a bass would like it. Most likely it is a local fly that never made it into a pattern book.

    It is intriguing.
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  14. I just looked through my box of bear hair and found four different shades of natural colored hair ranging from dark brown through light cinnamon. The thickness and crimp are a match for the hair in the photo so I'll be using that for this pattern and it variants.

    I have no idea what this pattern is supposed to imitate if anything. I think it is more of a suggestion but if I was a fish I would grab it. It reminds me of a pattern I came up with a few years ago in an emergency while preparing for a trip down the Smith river. At the last minute I realized that I didn't have anything big and meaty so I ad-libbed and came up with the BBHT (Big Brown Hairy Thing).

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  15. I think polar bear was put on the protected list in 1972 or thereabouts. If so tyers might not have been so free with their pb hair. Angora goat is a substitute for seal fur with similar translucence. It also mimics polar bear but doesn't have quite the sheen.
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  16. That bug would look good with a dubbed simi seal body.
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  17. I think the body looks like either seal hair (not available in the US) or angora. I tie leeches with a mix of angora and simi-seal (synthetic seal fur substitute). There are a lot of colors available to choose from.
  18. I suppose you could call the thing "Road Kill" but that name is probably already taken.
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  19. Both seal and PB are available in the US. You just need to know where to look and be willing to pay the asking price if you want it bad enough.

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