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  1. Hi folks,
    I'm planning a visit this summer to Massachusetts. I'm looking for recommendations for guides for light tackle / fly fishing for stripers or bluefish off Cape Cod.

    Thank you,

  2. Steve-

    maybe PM Yuhina if he is still out there. Wellfleet on the upper Cape has a light tackle/Fly guide based there. Flyrod and Reel did a piece on Wellfleet flats fishing about a year ago. They also hire boats in the harbor there, pretty reasonable rates too if you wanted to take a ride out to Great Island refuge and site/sight fish on the way. PM me if you have specific dates. I'll be out there this summer...

    Certainly the Islands have a bunch of guides... When are you going out there? When the doldrums hit they hit pretty hard, typically first week of July till the end of August. That and the Ocean beaches get Mung weed that if there's no surf to clean it out sticks to line. The Islands do better with a Doldrums bite. June and Sept/October can be way better, the latter, October, can be phenomenal. John Hersey's book Blues is a fun summer read if you want to prep. Oh and Herring Cove beach dawn patrols in P-town are pretty easy sight fishing, look for the birds and boils, cast, hope you have a toothy critter leader if it's a blue. The sight fishing can be the most fun. Most of the time relaxing on the beach, then when a school moves through and the terns start diving, up and cast...

    About four years ago the hickory shad were running mid summer, they were an absolute hoot on light fly gear. Haven't timed it with their arrival since though...The glacial kettle ponds on the upper cape are also terrific bass and pickeral fisheries if you're in the dead of summer they can be way more reliable.

    If you rent a kayak for a week you could hit all of the fresh and salt fisheries, though the haul to the ocean beaches is a pain...

  3. Try the New England Fishing Forum or Stiped Bass Fishing online websites. They are area specific and I think they list guides also. If not, throw out the question. Someone from there should know of a repritable guide
  4. Hi Mike,
    The timing of the visit is still fluid and depends on my family but I'm looking at July or August. Two years ago my brothers, nephews, and I had a great time catching stripers and blues on a 6-pack charter out to Block Island; we jigged up a bunch of nice fish, but it was too deep for flyfishing. It was blisteringly hot: 95+ degrees with a million % humidity - killer. While we may do that again, I'm looking for the experience you describe: a blitz of bluefish or stripers pushing a bait-ball at the surface or patrolling a current seam where I can give them a try with my flyrod.

    That is a good suggestion NT1, but knowing how well-traveled the fishers on this board are, I thought that I would begin my research with my friends here at WFF.

    Thank you both for your input and I'm hoping that others can add to the thread.

  5. Are you spending all your time down the Cape? The north shore and Cape Ann can be pretty awesome too. Lot of neat towns to visit. I have fly fished along the Salem/ Marblehead coastline. It's good all the way up Cape Ann (Gloucester/Rockport) around to Plum Island and the NH border.
  6. Steve if you are up north, the whale watches are really good out of P-town to Stellwagon Bank
  7. Steve,
    Where's your base of operations? Ie. "I'm staying with __________ in ________" or "My wife will be at __________ and I'll have to check in there"
  8. O.K., this trip back east has been firmed up; the plane reservations have been made. The non-travel dates are August 2 to 12 - 10 days. The base of operations is Stoneham, MA, north shore. But I'm willing to travel to the Cape and beyond.... North shore / southern Maine guide recommendations or Cape and south guide recommendations are what I am looking for. I have worked my tuchus off this year and have some coin to spend on a day or more of guided fishing for stripers / bluefish. Also, if anyone has any recommendations for self-guided fishing around the north shore (Plum Island, etc.), please send me a PM.

    Thank you,

  9. Most of the Stripers are being caught off the SE part of the Cape on Squid patterns. Good Luck
  10. Yesterday I was surf casting off An outer cape beach- lots of pogies, lots of seals, didn't see any great whites though one was spotted ten miles south. No blues, no strippers...(damn that auto-correct...;)

    I had a pogie on and a seal surfaced between me and the fish, then the fish was gone...pretty fun to see. If the seal got him off the line he did it pretty surgically
  11. Steve,

    I fished the cape once with my son ... early for stripers but that was the time slot I had (mid May).
    We fished with Captain Dave Ruddock ... got us into fish on some back bays and he had rods and lines for use to use. Very good day on the water considering the conditions. I'd recommend him.
    He is out of Chatam on the cape.

    Steve Egge
  12. Steve, I've fished with this guy. Randy Sigler. in Marblehead Ma. Should be a ton of fish around during that time. Not too far from Stoneham. He loves fishing a fly.
    Fishing Pictures \'07 100.jpg Fishing Pictures \'07 106.jpg
  13. Check out Blanton's Board there's a post right at the top from a guy who just did a Striper trip on the Cape. Can't remember the name of the guide but a few replies had good thing to say about the guy.
  14. A belated thank you to the folks who frequent the saltwater board for their recommendations for striped bass guides in Massachusetts. My brothers and I ended up going for a day of flyfishing with Randy Sigler and a second day of flyfishing and bait fishing with his partner Pete Yukins (see I have posted a detailed report on the Trip Report board. We had a wonderful time and both Randy and Pete were great guides.


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