recommendations for a sling for Savage 24

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by olypenjeeper, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, I am looking for ideas for a sling for my savage 24 over under ,22lr/20 gauge. There are currently no mounts for a swivel on it, I kind of like the Wild Weavery look, but also i've seen nice leather ones online with a built in bandolier to hold bullets and shells, can't find a source though. There are even some nice "surviva"l cord types out there too. Just looking for advice on this. Thanks for the help- Brian
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    my savage 24 has a swivel stud in the butt stock & a barrel band on the other end ,work great with a neoprene sling ..
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    I wouldn't be comfortable with a sling that attaches to the forestock since it doesn't take much to pull it off. I've seen some cheap removable slings that loop around the barrel.
    I do love those guns. I have a .22lr/20 that was my grandfather's grouse gun.

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    I'd think the loop would interfere with the sights. I do like the idea of a barrel band though, with a swivel on the thing. If it's easy to pull off the forestock, it might need a new spring or reworking of the release mechanism.