Record Floods & Bugs

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by freestoneangler, May 14, 2012.

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    With last years record floods in MT, I was wondering what effect big events such as these have on aquatic bugs? There is a really great article in the current issue of Montana Outdoors that talks about the numerous positive effects floods have on the river stream bed, re-charging aquifers, allowing fish passage past barriers they otherwise cannot get past, clearing silt, etc., but makes no mention of what happens to the bugs. I would think that severe scouring of the stream bed would have a negative effect -- at least in the seasons immediately following the event... ya, nah?

    Just looking for some good reasons to blame any shitty performances this year, because we all know it couldn't be from my lack of skill ;)
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    hi freestoneangler,

    Don't have any specific information concerning the impact of river flooding events on aquatic macroinvertebrate life, but I would be surprised if it had much impact at all. You might want to dig up another excuse. :)
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    The MO was one of those Montana rivers that was impacted by last year's high water. Couldn't tell so far this year, the bug life was more than prolific, it was obscene. But, I'll give you another report as I'm fishing it on Monday.