Record Pink Run?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by GreyFox, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. I see STS magazine is not only predicting "1 million Chums for Hood Canal alone.." but a "5.1 million Pink return for Puget sound this year. Just like going back to the 60s!"

  2. For a record year I've yet to see a single pink in Puget Sound or in the straits. They need to hurry up and live up to their expectations!
  3. the boats out of sooke and pt renfrew have started picking up pinks, but not in great numbers.
  4. Stonefish, with those numbers it would seem it might be a while before they start showing up. A lot of "0's" in the Pink column! I have never seen an 'estimate' of the fish returns that was very accurate. I always say "I'll believe it when I see it" when it comes to fish runs. But I do hope they are right!
  5. Let's hope the pink forecast is more accurate than the Columbia chinook forecast.
  6. Though a different run of fish I heard today that the Prince William Sound fishery has been very slow this year. Might be one of those "Don't count your hatches before they chicken" type of thing (did I say that wrong?).
  7. I think a 5.1 MILLION fish run would be pretty sick no matter the species!
  8. while celebrating 5 million pinks to puget sound... for the strait fishermen add some of the 17.5 million pinks forecasted for the fraser.... if they show

    Pink Forecasts
  9. We'll have to wait and see how this year's silver run as well, it was expected to be a gangbusters year, but I haven't heard or personally seen anything supporting that yet from the North Coast.
  10. Westport and Ilwaco are having great catches of kings and silvers. Hopefully that transfers to a great year in the Sound and along the northern coast.
  11. Reports from down in Oregon are that ocean catches have been very good so far. (Coho)
  12. Reports from the Gulf Islands well up noth for Silvers does not give me lots of hope.
  13. the coastal catches of coho are the fish headed for the columbia, has not much to do with puget sound fisheries. reports from VI would suggest still not too many pinks around. also reports coming from fresh water bay are about the same. nonetheless, i am going to start looking next week, what the heck someone has to find'um.
  14. You think we are going to break the world record again?
  15. it was the same thing 2yrs ago.... middle of july, and everyone was afraid because they hadn't seen any yet. i didn't see a pink in area 9 until mid august
  16. Still early for slimers.
  17. Unfortunately, they have pulled those numbers outta their arse. Has anybody figured in the massive flooding we had that probably wiped out the the spawn? I doubt it. I think we are all in for a MAJOR disappointment. as a matter of fact, some very reliable sources agree with me.
  18. What massive flooding would that be?
  19. TC, thanks for bringing us down :rofl: I think I need a beer now :beer1: I do agree that those numbers seem to come from strange places! I will believe the fish are there when I see them. I just hope that day will come.

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