Record Walleye In The Columbia River

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by ribka, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. ribka

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    I have caught quite a few walleyes on flies up in Canada. Mostly on clousers. Nothing over 6 lbs though. When I have more time think it would be interesting to target some of the big guys/gals lurking in the Columbia River. The pre spawn period, now, is the primetime to target them. Have to use a shooting head system and heavily weighted flies to get down.

    Word is the next world record will come out of the Columbia River near the Tri-Cities.... Be cool if the record was caught on a fly rod;)
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  2. Connor H

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    It is also believed that the next record walleye may come out of moses lake. The F&W Biologists shocked up what would have been a new record fish like 4 minutes from my house...
  3. Olive bugger

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    I have never fished for them. Would you use a special leader for this type of fishing?
  4. ribka

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    No need for special leader. have never been bitten off by a walleye.

    When I fish Canada where walleye and pike are found I use a wire bite tippet, surfalon Ora 60 lb Flouro leader.

    I just run a 12 lb flouro leader to fly here in WA with a shooting head. I like the Teeny lines too.
  5. triploidjunkie

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    I got a six pound walleye in lk.roosevelt last year,then just a few days later enlighted got one around eight pounds in banks lake. Both were caught targeting smallies
  6. orangeradish

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    Go get it, bub.
  7. ribka

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    Read my mind. I would be al over that
  8. Kaiserman

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    That's funny, I did the exact same thing on banks lake. Fish'n for smallies, tagged a walleye. Except mine was 13..... inches.
  9. troutpocket

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    I don't really get the excitement over walleye . . .just an overgrown yellow perch. But they are tasty.
  10. fifafu

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    From what I gathered the guys catching the big ones in march were trolling bottom walkers downgstream around the mouth of the Skake. The big hens were in "about" 30 feet of water moving up to "about" 15 feet to spawn at a certain temprature.

    The Columbia has been running high fast dirty for about a week. I was told by a bass fisherman today the the walleye are up in the shallows looking for food. If you wanted to target walleye with a fly rod this might be the time.

    I am not a walleye guy but running a par 3 golf course in Pasco alot of my customers fish.