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  1. Does anyone have contact info for red Hills lake? The website is down and the phone number listings that I can find do not work - they say the phone number has been disconnected. Did the lake go out of business as a pay to play fishery? Any info?

  2. Mike Ediger

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    I can't say for sure, but I do think they had a couple tough years, and I heard they might be closing the doors. Gene probably knows better than I, hopefully he will see this and comment. Sorry I don't know specifics.
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    Odd. I have a different number for Larry and left a message for him to call me. I don't know what's up.

    I'll let you guys know as soon as I find out.
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  4. GAT

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    I haven't heard back from Larry yet but I did call a fly shop in the Portland area and they told me they think that Larry sold the lake.

    This is a good possibility. If Larry does answer my voice mail message, I'll let you know but I have a feeling he may have sold all the property (including the lake) and moved elsewhere.

    My e-mails to him are bouncing back so I may not hear from him. I haven't talked with him for over a year and a lot could have certainly taken place during that period of time.
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    Larry and Dot sold it last Oct. My son and I fished it at the end of Sept. That was where I slipped going down the hill in the rain and tore my rotator and bicep. He did not mention who purchased it or if they were going to keep it available for fishing.
  6. Thanks Gene and Mark. Please do let me know if you hear any more details on the availability of fishing there.

    Any other suggestions for fishing in the Willamette Valley? this time of year (around March 1) or other. Either lake (w/toon) or rivers/streams that can be fished by wading. Free, pay or other (whatever other means)

    Thanks for the info guys!

  7. GAT

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    I would imagine whoever bought the place would not bother with keeping the lake as a pay to play fishery. It didn't really ever make money and at best broke even. Larry considered it his money pit.

    Probably, someone will either and/or finish the bed and breakfast building Larry started on and clear the remaining property for a vineyard.

    It was simply too difficult to keep large fish in the lake... there was something always going amiss. One year it was osprey who wouldn't leave. Then an otter that was eating the fish. Then some strange stuff came down the creek from the vineyard above the lake and wiped out a lot of trout.

    No matter what Larry tried, something would always pop up that screwed up the lake and the fish. Which is too bad. Larry was a great guy with a kind heart. He didn't fly fish but told me many times he enjoyed watching us on the lake.
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  8. Thanks again Gene. I have never fished it, but have driven by and wanted to check it while I was in the area on other "business". Again, if you have any recommendations for places in/near wine country (lake or stream), I'd love to hear about them (my starndards are low ... when I'm in the area for other reasons, espcially after a few glasses .. )
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    As far as lakes go, this is the time of year I head over to the coastal lakes outside of Newport. There is a pay to play lake east of Scio. I believe you can book a trip through the Cascadia Fly Shop in Corvallis. I fished the lakes many years ago and did so-so.

    If the flooding stops, March is not a bad time to fish the main Willamette or the McKenzie. I'd probably lean toward the Mac.

    Problem is, high water really screws up the MB hatch so I'm not so sure fishing a river is the way to go.
  10. probably need a float on the Willamette or Mac?
  11. GAT

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    No... there is bank access. Floating is best but you can reach the water without a boat.

    Armitage Park between Coburg and Eugene (secondary hwy) has a lot of bank access and at one time, my favorite spot to fish in March -- but not during a flood!

    When it comes to Willy, if you find a map that shows the boat ramps between Eugene and Harrisburg, you can access the river by foot at those ramps -- there's usually trails that follow the river from the ramps.
  12. chief

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    There was another pay to play lake out in the wine country that I fished a couple of times that was booked through Kaufmann's before they went under. You might try contacting Jerry Swanson at Fishead Expeditions and see if he is still in contact with the guy.
  13. GAT

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    The best one was Wilderness Lakes in Canby (close to Oregon City).

    There were three lakes in cascading order. The upper most was small enough you could fish from shore. The next one down was a size that you could tube or cast from shore. The lower lake was the largest and best fished with a floating device.

    The place was beautiful with a park like setting. Benches were placed around the lakes. Picnic tables and warming fireplace at the center lake. The grass was always mowed and there was nothing out of place. And the trout were huge! I have a number of photos of 8 lb trout caught in the lower lake.

    If there was ever a house and lake I wanted to own, it was the property and house at Wilderness Lakes. It was flyfishing Valhalla.

    But, as usual, all good flyfishing comes to an end. The owner sold the whole works and moved to a retirement village in Woodburn.
    The new owners wanted the lakes for themselves and closed down the pay to play.

    I'm not sure if Wilderness was the lakes Kaufmann once booked but it could have been. If that's the case, Wilderness Lakes is also off the table.
  14. GAT

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    Okay, Larry called. He did sell the lake in November to a professional photographer. The new owner plans on building a new home and finishing the B&B. He also plans on reopening the lake as a fee fishery for flyfishing.

    So, I have no idea how long it will take but Red Hills Lake will be back... with a B&B. Kind'a like Cady Lake was in Washington. The Red Hills site will be up and running when the new owner is ready to start making fishing reservations again.
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    Thanks for getting updated and accurate info Gene.
  16. Thanks All! I'm glad I asked. I appreciate the info and feel free to pass on any other ideas.