Red Hot Neah Bay Bucktailing

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Chris Bellows, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Pretty awesome! I wanna get out there right now!
  2. Thanks for that!
  3. That is on my bucket list. Need to get out there one of these years!
  4. Cool vid...bonus points for the excellent porno soundtrack and the shots of Conan O'brien hard at work on his TV-hiatus summer job............
  5. paradise!
  6. Oh yeah! Love those NB Coho!!!
  7. Needs better music.. next floor womens sun dresses... nice video otherwise!
  8. The music is just fine!! Who is on the soundtrack, anyway? I like it! But, the video is better . . .

    I'm there this weekend for 4 days.
  9. remember to practice clearing your line and getting these fish on the reel. sooner or later you are going to hook that whopper and all of that loose fly line will lasso something, reel, rod butt, boat stuff, you name it, and its going to cost you a fish.
  10. Nice was that recently? Looking forward to my first NB trip this year.
  11. Oh Maaannnnn!!!
  12. Here it comes, here it comes, here it cooommes
  13. i coudn't disagree more. far too many folks figure saltwater fishing is like trout fishing. practice with the small fish leads to skills that you will absolutely need on that 200+# bill fish leaving for the far side of the pacific, that 150# tarpon who is going to rip off 200 yards of backing before you can blink an eye.

    personally i really don't care what you do topwater but watching your fly line waving around with a deck full of obsticales is a clear indication that your clearing the line skills are non-existent. but i guess you have never watched your fly line jump up off the deck as that big trophy heads for the horizon. me, i practice on each and every fish i hook no matter the size simply because practice is what it takes. the trophy guides i fish with would laugh you off the boat once they saw your skill level as they are there to work their butts off to get you into fish not watch you lasso your reel.

    i really need to ignore folks who think they knowitall!
  14. I just got back last night from 4 days up there. This is what I found, some coho are close to the marina, but if you want to get into numbers you need to head to swiftsure, or deep into the straits. We landed around 30 - 40 coho and pinks a day, with around half of them casting, and half caught bucktailing (I know Chris, I'm going to hell). Lumpy seas, big tides, and big swells made it tough to do much more then bucktail, but when we would hook up it was pretty easy to get a double casting in the vicinity of the hooked fish.

    Rockfishing was good. Check the weather before you go. Have a good time, it's a pretty spot to fish.
  15. Chris, having fished with you at Neah Bay with my son Caldwell, I would ask that you please continue to post and share your experience. We had a dream day on the water that my son still talks about. If you ever find your way down in Seattle I would be honored to take you out on the sound to learn more and share ideas about fly fishing for Pacific Salmon. I continue to learn every time out on the water. I find that I learn more when I am not talking.

    Best regards, Steve

  16. Heh, I like to read GT's posts, and I really do respect what he has to say. But man, these are just salmon in the PNW... While I'd love to have a big fish hammer my fly, it doesn't happen often here. Chris knows his shit, and he's sharing a pretty cool experience. Why nit pick the line management? It's just some cool footage of fishing at Neah Bay... I think a 20lb lingcod is about the only thing that "deserves the reel" around here.

    Thanks for sharing Chris, it got me fired up for casting to some salmon.

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