Red Wing Winter Steelhead Fly

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Dave McNeese, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. This is one of my favorite winter steelhead flies. I call it a follow-up pattern, usually tied in size 8 or 10. I fish a pool first, say with a 1/0 Brads Brat. If I am confident there's a steelie in there, I often switch patterns to this one. Reducing like that often works well for me.
    I also tie this one with black body feathers as an alternate.

  2. Schu-weet!!!

    The thumbnail is a little hard to see. Would you mind posting the pattern recipe?

  3. I have seen this pattern in a somewhat reduced variation. Double hook, same body with a wing made of just a good sized clump of topping, smaller JC nails. I think Shewey tied it.
    Even the reduced pattern is highly visible from a distance in the water. There is no doubt they (the fish), can see this little gem coming from a ways off.
    If I remember correctly you have yet another version in Trey Combs book. It is at the bottom of a large pile right now and I am not up to digging it out just now.
    This one has been on my list of 'must ties' for years now.

    So many flies, so little time.

  4. sanssg
    Nice looking fly. :thumb: What kind of feathers did you use. Looks like a bead on the head, is that correct?!?!?
  5. This past weekend I saw yet another and slightly different version of the Redwing. I was able to lift its' skirts and get a close look at its' interior. It was quite small, maybe 8 or 10 double. Due to its' size, shape and color this version looked somewhat egg-like. It was tied by Mr McN.

  6. Beautiful tie. Do you have any sort of recipe/instrux? PM me if you don't mind and thx for posting this...
  7. Nope, no bead head. It's just a round head with lacquer on it.

    recipe- (varies from stream to stream)
    tag. 4 turns fine oval silver
    tail. 2 G.P., indian crow very sm.
    rear 1/2 fl. orange floss
    front 1/2 red wing shoulder feathers, or dyed hen hot or.
    wing. 2 j.c. eyes to i.c., small amount of tippet with 3 to 6 crests
    the other pattern has just crests for the wing.
    another fly is 1/2 red wing shol. 1/2 black red wing neck feathers,same wings. tied on wilson doubles any size. As a follow up fly I fish size 8 or 10. When I fish a fast run I'll use a 2. I should use this fly more often because it does produce so well, especially in heavily fished waters.

    God Bless,

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