Rediculous Guide Prices

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Jun 27, 2012.

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    I will gladly recommend a good priced guide who I know from personal experience is a great fisherman. His name is Chris. He specializes in Steelhead on the Wynoochee and Cowlitz, and fall Salmon on the Satsop. He operates out of a 16ft Clacka with only the best gear. The man is a fish whisperer and really knows the rivers. He is a good friend of mine so I would like to see his service succeed. He charges $140 per day 1 person or $120 per for 2 persons Sun up to sun down. I hope you will enjoy his service as much as I did and I encourage you to try him out. Here is a link to his facebook and his contact info.

    Chris 253-579-2195

    If you do decide to book with him I would love to hear what you thought. I am really not trying to give guides a hard time honestly. I think its awesome what they do I just wish I could afford more of them. Thats all.
  2. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    I am a Sergeant in the United States Army. Ive served for 7 years and have 2 Combat rotations 12 months in Afghanistan and 15 months in Iraq. I make approx. $4,000 per month before taxes. I work an average of 60-80 hours a week. I pull 24 hours shifts constantly and have worked for months on end with no days off 16 hours a day in the worst environment and conditions you can imagine. So please critique the fairness of my wage/salary. Got shot at or bombed for your paycheck lately? What was the word... Speechless.
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    Thomas, you still owe us four more names.
  4. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Thomas, thank you for your service.

    As for guides, the market price is set at what the buyer will pay it seems. Best to your friend, if his skills and prices are as you present, he should find a solid customer base.
  5. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    Boy ill never live this post down will I. Im going to have to change my picture and rename myself The Guide Lover.:confused:
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    Not really. I don't like fishing out of a boat. I'd rather walk the river bank. And yes I've been in a boat on the Madison and got blanked. I was with a guide on his off day and the fishing was off also. I won't mention any name as I rather like who I was fishing with.
  7. Rob Allen Active Member

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    if a guide guides 5 days a week say for all year that's 117,000 dollars a year gross... the problem is not many guides have the opportunity to be that busy..

    it is a great paying job even with all the expenses IF you can keep yourself busy running trips..
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    Thomas, thank you for your service. Don't take anything on this forum personal. You expressed an opinion and got a bunch of opinions in response. I wish your friend and all guides great success.

    Keep your avatar. I like it!
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    Thank you,Thomas. I respect what you do more than anyone. In fact, as a mental heath therapist; my real job, I volunteer my time and energy to vets. My point is what you sucks to have someone tell you that what you do for a living is less than valuable. Again, thank you for your service.
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  10. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    And I'm sure his rate will rise if demand for his services rise.
  11. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    I think im being misunderstood. Im not saying that guides dont offer valuable services. In fact Chris the guide I recommended taught me how to catch steelhead. He got me hooked. To me there is no price tag on that. I just have a hard time seeing where they are coming up with numbers in the $350-$450 range. But again I dont own a boat nor a guide license. I havent done the guide thing nor am I qualified to be one.
  12. tediousthumper Hello My name is Thad and Im addicted to flyfishin

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    Well the only difference between a guide and one of your fishing buddies is that a guide figured a way to get paid for it. ( A FUNNY JOKE I HAD HEARD ALONG THE WAY)
  13. underachiever !

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    Let's say that they do make $450 a day (the high side of your range) and that all the work for the day totals 10 hours (probably a lowball figure once you count all the prep that happens off the water)... so at this point they're making $45 an hour. Even if they were taking home $45/hr it's hardly a wage they're gonna get rich from considering they probably can't book 5 days a week for the entire year. Factor in self employment tax and now you're closer to $38/hr, not to mention there's no medical bene's, paid vacations or retirement plans.

    $450 bucks sounds like a ton of money, until you become self employed and have to come up with the business to sustain yourself. I'm a self employed IT consultant and I can tell you I charge a whole lot more than $45/hr. As it happens, I was also a medic in the Army from 98-2004 and know that $4,000 before taxes isn't where the compensation ends. If you live on base you get free housing, off base you get a housing allowance, GI Bill for education, medical etc... Don't get me wrong you definitely earn every cent of any benefit you receive... I'm just saying that when you break it all down $450 a day is not a ridiculous amount for a guide to charge.
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    Considering that you can take a 40 plus foot boat out for 8-10 hours deep sea fishing for less than a float trip down a river really proves fly fishing is priced at a premium, but also look at the equipment. You can get a high end casting reel with far more technology in it for the same price as a simple fly reel. The sport is priced high across the board. Br
  15. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    I want to hear more about this herb guide. I would book a trip.:) what are we fishing for, oregano?
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  16. Joe Pombrio Member

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    Thomas, I'm surprised you question the price of guides, yet you have an NRX. Its the same idea.. you get what you pay for. You wanted the best rod.. Its the same with guides. You get what you pay for. I guarantee thats how it is with guides. You've tried to push your buddy on other posts, and thats great. But the real guides out there arent making a ton of money. In fact, they're doing their best to help folks like you catch fish when you go somewhere unknown.
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    Guides are expensive, at least for me but $200 a day seems a bit low for a primary income. Seems like insurance, gas and taxes would cut into the profit margin quick. Unless $200 a day is the guy flying under the radar sort of speak and $450 a day pays decent wage, plus all the legit operating costs. Either way it's not much of an annual income.
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  18. Cruncher -

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    Also have to factor in if the guides are working for an outfitter. They take a piece of the action as well.

    Unfortunately, my first, last and only guide experience with an O**** outfitter in Michigan was when I was starting to learn to fly fish for steelhead some 20 years ago and it was just awful. The guide clearly didn't want to be there and all I learned was how to chuck & duck thru a redd for 8 hours. It was $300 for 2 people for a day. Remember, that was 20 years ago. BTW- shore lunch was some bogus sandwich in a baggie, a bag of chips and a snickers.

    I didn't mind paying that fee because of the outfitters "alleged" reputation plus thought it would be an worthwhile investment in some knowledge.

    Well, I did learn that I didn't want to C&D and I never gave any more business to that outfitter again.
  19. Thomas Williams Habitual Line Stepper

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    What equpiment I choose to spend the money I earn on hardly relates to a guides wages. Thats a pretty far reach.
  20. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    I will say - I love going on a guided trip. The learning, the confidence, it is awesome. Wish I had more $$$ to throw at it!!