Rediculous Guide Prices

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Williams, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Rick Todd

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    With your bad knees and all, I imagine that limits how much walking the river you get. Most of the time, on guided trips, it is about half from the boat and half walking the river (usually in a section that is not accessible without a boat). I had an awesome guided trip on Silver Creek once that was all walk and stalk. When I fished New Zealand it was all walking and sight fishing which is so much fun. You do need to be able to walk at least 6 miles per day to do that though! Rick
  2. Old Man

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    Before my knees went to hell, That was the way I fished and enjoyed it very much. While I lived and fished in Washington, I fished many river's and creeks from one end to the other. It all involved walking.

    Here in Montana I don't have to do muck walking to find fish. Just about any place where the skinny water is close to the road there are fish there. I don't stray to far from my truck anymore. Besides my being an old man also has something to do with that.
  3. Evan Burck

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    I know plenty of $400+ guides who are booked for nearly, if not all, of their fishable days during the seasons they guide. The prices don't seem so ridiculous if you consider that. Supply and demand.

    I also don't know a single guide who lives very lavishly. They really don't make much money.
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  4. Thomas Williams

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    I surrender! Guides lay down your arms. Broke sympathizers retreat.
  5. Old Man

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    Does anybody know of anybody involved in outdoor activities, as a guide or a outfitter ever make a lot of money. Most do it because they like doing it. If one wants to make money they need to get a job inside or build houses.

    When I worked for a living. I worked at the lazy "B". I had to work my ass off to make a good living. Most I ever made in a years time was about $70,000 a year. That included plenty of overtime.

    Guide's that I see out on the rivers seem to like what they do. Most have smiles on their faces. I only smiled at work on pay day.
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  6. obiwankanobi

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    At least guides now qualify for cheap and affordable healthcare so thats good.
  7. Dan Nelson

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    Too true. The general rule is that, if you want to have $1 million after 10 years of working as a guide/outdoor writer/ski instructor/etc., you need to start with $2 million!!
  8. David Loy

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    Not much to add here but I'll say that when I book a guided trip, I go. That sounds silly maybe but when I plan a "regular" F'ing trip, all too often something comes along to bump it off the calendar. My one and only character flaw.

    I'll add that I don't go on many guided trips anymore because (A) I think I've plateaued the learning curve somewhat and (B) I have all the gear I need including assorted craft. Guide prices are significant. Over priced? Some maybe but generally no, not IMO. The good guys are well worth it.
    My sage advise is: If you're fishing a new area, say Eastern BC for instance, book a guide for the first day or two. Spending cash with them teaches you local information and they'll likely share some intel for your extended solo adventures.
  9. Old Man

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    If you can't afford a guide why bitch about it. And if you can go for it.
  10. Jeff Sawyer

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    I don't think you're suppose to shoot them after they surrender. I could be wrong though.
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  12. Drifter

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    I have been doing what guides do for 35 years and never charged a dime. from teaching tying flies to running white water with drift boats and even have shown some guides how to run certain rivers and where the fish lay so it's kinda sad to see prices that only allow for the CEO or out of country big wigs and the rich be able to purchase these trips. But I also believe people should get what they put into something - Like the time and effort it takes to learn these skills to be successful Not for what they "BUY" If a person wants to put all they're energy into money for they're life then they should have money, there is a lot of sacrifice to being a good outdoorsman. it's strange to me how people can just buy it. but then again I'm not for hire!
  13. Jeff Sawyer

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    If you're any good at it maybe you should have been charging. A smart man, figures out what he loves, then figures out a way to get someone to pay him to do it.
  14. JesseC

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    A lot of guys are just nice Jeff. I have learned a TON from the generosity of fellow fly fishermen. Of course, it's just good manners to pay for gay and bring the beer when you're the guy doing most of the learning.

    I sure wouldn't flip Mark any shit if he's really teaching guys just for the sake of it. We need more people like him.
  15. Chris Bellows

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    the cannot buy it. they buy a day's glance. it may help them on a journey, but that's all.
  16. Josh

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    Hmmmm, perhaps this is why I fish alone most of the time.
  17. Jeff Sawyer

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    Was not my intention to flip any shit and I apoligize if it sounded that way.

    My point was there's nothing wrong with being a guide. Nothing wrong with them charging a fair rate and the market will determine a fair rate. And nothing wrong with hiring one.

    It doesn't make you any more or less of an outdoorsmans because you did or did not hire a guide. That seemed to be what he was saying.

    You're right we should all be learning from each other, and if you tell me what the term "pay for gay" means I can learn something from you too.
  18. JesseC

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    How the hell do I nominate myself for the typo of the year award !!! Hahaha. I am rolling over here.
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    Worth copying that again. Who are you rolling over, over there?
  20. Irafly

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    I'm there myself now on my Stillwater adventures. I happily share my knowledge, free of charge, and I don't apologize anymore for doing so, even if some think im full of hubris. I have and will continue to pay for guides in certain situations, but I will still look for a bargain.