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  1. i've been wearing Redington waders for a few years abd have found them some of the most durable waders i've ever owned, for a hell of alot cheaper than Simms. Don't get me wrong, Simms are the goods but they get a little to rich for my blood. Redington has really come along in the last few years.
  2. After reading the first few posts on this thread I decided to take the plunge and go to Sportco on Saturday to check out the CT's in 3 and 5 weight. I already have an Echo2 in 3 weight and love it. I also have an Okuma (3 peice) in 5 weight that I bought at GI Joe's when I first started fly fishing about 4 years ago (has it been that long already?) but after looking at (drooling!) the Reddington CT 5 wt. I bought it and headed to the Park near the apt to test it. It was very windy with intermittent downpours so the test only lasted about 10 minutes on that first test.

    The next day, Sunday, was much better weather wise so took it to Lake Meridian but too many boats, kids, dogs, ducks, geese and fishermen in the water so I just "lawn cast" it for a couple of hours and discovered that I really like this rod! It is a much "slower" action than I am accustomed to but soon learned to "slow down" my stroke and found that it will cast beautifully when I do my part....and boy is it light - I'd guess less than half the weight of my Okuma 5 weight. With my Orvis reel and w/f line on the balance is perfect.

    The only "negative" is that when I got it home, I discovered that the sock was not properly sewn at the bottom so the butt section would just slide right out the bottom end of the sock and one of the elastic wraps broke when bundling the rod into the sock. Took it back on Sunday but of course Bo was not in but one of the others guys in the fishing section helped me out and found another sock to exchange.

    I was so gratified by their Customer Service that I also left on Sunday with a new gun too....whoopie!!

    How does life get any better????:thumb:

  3. I have the same problems with the rod sock on mine. No worries though, the important part works as it should.
  4. My creek rod is a Redington 7'-6" (4) piece 3 wt - great for backpacking into those mountain streams! Same hole in the sock!
  5. Went and visited John at the Lacey Cabelas and he ordered a 4 peice 3 wt CT for me. I can't wait to try it out. I think that i should be sweet for the little Deschutes here in Oly and some high lake adventures I have planned for this summer. Whoopie. Now to start the search for a lightweight raft.
  6. Big Tuna has a 13 pounder in the classifieds. Not an ultralight like a Curtis Raft, but still light enough to make a go of it.
  7. I thought I'd resurrect this post since I too am now the proud owner of one of these rods. I was looking for something 9' that would throw my trout nymphing setup and also throw delicate little dries. I found it!!! I ended up getting the 9' 5wt from the Gorge Fly Shop and couldn't be happier with this rod. I normally fish a Steffen Bros. 5/6 glass for trout but the last time out, I pretty much only used the Redington CT (this is saying a lot!!!) It is just so buttery smooth with either nymphs or dries, it'll throw a huge chunky bullethead foam salmonfly with ease. And, for tight-line nymphing it's more sensitive than I thought it would be. I'm trying to resist, but for now, it's starting to become my favorite trout rod...*gasp*...I can't believe I just said's just the perfect all around rod. and while nothing can beat throwing little dries on my bamboo (or the Steffen glass for that matter), it's just not as versatile.

    Oh crap, I can't believe what I just wrote...a graphite rod finding its way into my regular rotation...

  8. Hi Randy,

    I will soon move to Astoria, not so far from Portland. Are there any rivers you would recommend for trout dry fly fishing in the area? I'm not asking about your favorite spots ;-) , just some broad indications. I would really appreciate.
    I am considering acquiring a 8'6 rod for dry fly fishing exclusively, but I haven't made up my mind yet whether it will be a #4 or a #5. I guess it will depend on the rivers, but I'd like it to be able to handle all sizes of dry flies all year long. I'm rather new to fly fishing, hence my fascination for dry fly lol The Redington CT seems very nice; I've also read quite good reviews about the Winston Passport which might be a little bit faster. I'm looking for an affordable, easy to use, very precise rod for which a slight wind wouldn't be a problem. And I guess I'll also have to find the perfect line for it.
    Well, as I said, any help will be much appreciated.
    All the best
  9. A buddy of mine recently got the CT 4wt. It's a sharp looking rod and if I didn't know what he spent on it, I would have assumed it would have cost a bunch more than it did. I've had a 8.5ft, 3/4 wt Redington Crosswater rod for a few years now that I got off Sierra Trading Post for under $40. I love that rod and have no desire to try to upgrade into something more pricey. I have a bunch of other Redington products. You get a lot for your dollar when buying Redington label.
  10. I just got the 9ft 5wt about 3 weeks ago and am learning to cast for the first time. So far it has treated me quite well. I don't know any different, but I love this rod.
  11. Hi,

    I had the opportunity to try the CT #4 8'6 with small dries (H18), courtesy of a flyfisherman met by chance by the water.
    Very smooth yet lively rod. Quite nice at close range, it seemed to lack power and accuracy at longer ranges though. The line was a DT4, maybe that's why + I'm a beginner. I think I would find the 9' a bit too slow - the 8'6 rods I tried always seemed a bit crisper than the 9'...
    Unfortunately he didn't have any bigger dry flies - I had no tackle, was just hiking - , so I just don't know how this rod would behave with bigger flies...
    I'm not in the US yet, and here it is quite difficult to find and try a CT rod.

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