Redington CPS

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by chief, May 20, 2013.

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    I know these rods were well liked by many before they were discontinued. Over the weekend I was looking at rods at River City Fly shop in Portland and saw that they have 2 brand new 4wts sitting in their rod racks. I was surprised to see someone still had them in inventory. Just thought I'd pass the info along in case someone is in the market.
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    I have the 6 wt and it is badass. It's not the lightest rod in the world but it's got serious backbone and does what I want from it (streamers/nymph rigs). I got mine from a Wholesale Sports clear out sale. Apparently they had several just laying around in the back from old inventory that they never left out. I got mine for $80. What are they asking for those 4 wts?
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    maybe not "in the world", but they are very light sticks. This is why lots of people who loved the CPS hated the CPX....much heavier and club-like and top-heavy in comparison. I have 5 CPS rods and they are incredibly lightweight. I have the old data sheet on them and the 6 wt 9' is listed at 3.6 ounces....that's pretty light! The 12 wt is only listed at 4.0 ounces and i can verify it is super light (although I've never weighted one).
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    I'm with Mingo on this one. The CPS was often referred to as a poor man's XP. Excellent sticks for the money.
    Redington really went backwards with their single handed CPX sticks. I'll be extremely disappointed if I ever break any of the three CPS rods I own.
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    I didn't ask the price. I'm sure you can call them for the price if interested.