Redington CPX 8113

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  1. I know this should go under classifieds, but no one has the sense to pick up what I'm dropping down there.
    $200.00 new condition with tube and sock. Come on now!
  2. daaaaamn, very tempted. one of the things i regret most is not buying a brand new one of these for $180 from reds at the sportsman show. may be time to redeem myself. . . .
  3. REDINGTON CPX 8113-4 SWITCH FLY ROD (11'3", 8WT, 4PC)

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    Redington had their work cut out for them when they decided to replace the extremely popular, Award-Winning CPS Series. Well, the folks at Redington have outdone themselves and elevated the new CPX Series to a whole different level! The 2009 CPX Series is even lighter, faster, and more attractive than its predecessor. We feel CPX is without question the finest high-performance, fast action rod on the market under $500! (Not to mention it outperforms most rods at twice the cost.) We can't wait for the awards to start piling up for the new CPX Series rods!​
    No matter the fishery or the conditions, our new CPX Series fly rods has something to offer everyone in every imaginable fishing situation. The most important technological feature of the new CPX rods is the Red.Core Technology being utilized in all models. The unique spiral core wrap guarantees that all rods achieve the often sought after combination of lightness and durability.​
    Whatever the website said is true. Great rod. It's poorman's TCX. Should go quick... :)
  4. You're a ghost friend, mark. If I sell it you get some commission :)
    I've had it listed here and spey pages. No bites....don't get it??
  5. It's trout season, it is a little big for most of the cutthroat that I catch.:)
    You moved yet? Your profile still shows idaho.
    You will have to change your screen name again.
  6. Staying here. Gotta head guide position.
  7. Good friend, mark, not ghost!
  8. Is that a career change Pan? Head guide for whom?

  9. Will be juggling my therapist business with it. PM if you want specific information. When I get the web site finished and up and running and make it more public.

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