Redington getting in the glass game

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Porter, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. pic of Butter Stick.....

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  2. Beautious.

  3. I like the return to 'glass; I have one 'glass rod and would like to have a few more. IMO the resurgence in 'glass is a direct consequence of how expensive and fast action graphite has become. Manufacturers have painted themselves into a corner with pricing and performance, to the point that one of their "cheap" graphite rods is good enough for just about anyone. I haven't heard anything yet about high end rod sales suffering, but the writing's gotta be on the wall. This "new" material is a great outlet for manufacturers to start offering rods at a lower price point again, but sadly the price on the Reddington doesn't exactly reflect that. Happily for me I haven't been flyfishing long enough to remember 'glass. It's like a brand new toy!
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  4. It was called the Sylk and not particularly well-received in the marketplace. I have several laying around and all suffered from tip-sink where after a couple hours, the tip would wick in water and the last 3-5 feet of line would simply sink. I just checked the Cortland web site and the Sylk is not listed in their product catalog.

  5. That's awesome! After a few hours you can fish the entire water column!
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  6. For the full experience try a real silk line in a lake. For the first part of the day you have a floating line, after that you have a intermediate. Two lines in one.

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  7. I fish a 6wt sylk on my Steffen Bros. (8' 5/6) and it not only sings with that rod, but I never have had the infamous sinking issues (I also sealed the tip with super glue). I'm mostly curious as to who makes Redingtons blanks and which type of glass are they...

    Regardless, having been fishing nearly nothing but glass for probably the last ten years or so, it is nice to see additional options...that said, for another $100 you can have a complete S-glass rod rolled and built by Mark Steffen just down the road in Arizona. I already know that his tapers speak to me and fit my fishing style like a glove...
  8. Had a chance to cast the 8' 5wt this afternoon and it sure is nice. I'm not an especially accomplished caster, but I sure liked the way it felt, looked and handled the line. Think I'll be gett'n one.....

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