Redington RS2 7/8 $55

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MacRowdy, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. MacRowdy

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    Chris, I hope it's cool I posted this. I guess it is a retail post.

    I just bought my second Redington RS2 7/8 from Aaron's Outlet in Texas. Ordered it over the phone. The guys name is Ted. These reels retail for $149, are anodized and have a drag that is smooth as butter. Redington didn't go out of business they just bought themselves back from Orvis so all Orvis dealers are unloading all of thier Redington reels for a rediculous price. You can see a picture and read about the RS2 at Old Jim's Mossey Creek Flyshop He's sold out of his stock. So if you decide you want one you can call Todd at Aaron's Outlet:


    An excellent review can be found here:


  2. wyo_guy

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    I just bought a Redington RS2 3/4 for $39 from! They're going fast, so jump on it if you want one.

  3. MacRowdy

    MacRowdy Idaho Resident Craftsman/Artisan

    Yep Tim,

    Whitey Just showed me that link the other day. Blue Quil has the best price I have ever seen. I think I might pick up my third from them.

    Thanks for updating my post!

  4. Cutthroat_Fight

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    Can anyone explain the difference between the 3/4 and the 7/8 reels? I am considering one of these reels.

  5. Rialto

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    The 3/4 is for a 3 or 4 weight line and the 7/8 for a 7 or 8 weight line. a 5/6 would be for a.... get it? I think most reel line ratings are for a weight forward lines. If you plan on fishing a double taper, especially with a large arbor reel, you may have to step up one reel size. I recently bought an Okuma large arbor reel for a 6 weight double taper line. The line would not fit on the 5/6 and barely fits on the 7/8 I bought with only about 50 feet of backing.
  6. Swinger

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    The reel you are selling is very differnt from the reel listed in the article.

    The RS2 (yours) is a cast aluminum reel while the AS is a machined aluminum reel and with an anodized finish.

    Just do not want anyone to be misled.
  7. wyo_guy

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    Got my RS2 3/4 the other day and wound it up myself with 5wt double-taper line and 75yds (I think) of backing. The line squeezes on there very tight, but if I cut 10-20yds of backing, it will fit fine. What a SWEET reel!