Redington spey rods on sale, any good?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by ducksoup, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Can you read?
    I didn't ask for advice on Redington rods, I do have two including the new RS3 and I bought them at a local fly shop.
    I have some pretty nice spey rods.
    I do not need clerks showing me how to rig my gear, I was doing that before most of you were born.
    I do not owe the local fly shops anything and intend to keep it that way.
    Spey rods only cast a line and fly the same as one-handed rods.
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    Can you read? "

    Yes, Verne, I can read. I can read well enough to know that you are my new hero. :(

    "I do not need clerks showing me how to rig my gear, I was doing that before most of you were born."

    One more internet fishing expert.

    Please excuse my negativity, Dave :beathead:
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    Guys, you need to lighten up a bit here. Verne never asked a question, he only made comments. So he wasn't asking what kind of rods reddingtons were. He was commenting on the ones he owns (I went back and reread the post). From what he has written, he's older, just not sure on the age. He may have a lot of knowledge there to give. It's not fair to label him off a couple posts that he's an "internet know it all". He may just be new to the internet. Case in point, I knew alot of guys who used to bash a poster on a gear board. Said he didn't know what he was doing. Then after a couple years he revealed his true identity. He was Dave Vedder (well known gear fisherman, especially fishing floats). Funny how people went from panning him to wanting to be his friend. Also, they started actually LISTENING to his advise. So don't pan Verne because he's new and you don't know him yet. Give him a chance. Chances are he's speaking from the heart, and you just don't realize it.

    Myself, I've rarely ever frequented fly shops. All I ever bought was second hand or mail order. Have been doing that for years. They never really got my business in first place, and they're still not getting it except for emergency orders. I don't test a flyrod, then go and buy it off the net either. I normally test the rods that I want to buy usually from the person I'm buying them from. Luckily, it completes a cycle, I buy up someone elses used rod and alot of times they are going to a shop buying another one. I know what reels work for me, and that's what I buy. In fact I think one of the only times I myself haven't put on backing/flyline was when I bought a speyline on sale from the Madflyfisher. Think it was Anil who put it on in fact. I would go in there for my emergency stashes back then. But I've been putting on my own backing and my own flyline since 1980. So I myself can say I've been putting them on alot longer then alot of people on here.

    So please, don't jump to conclusions. I know I've done my share in the past, and have learned to just relax about it (unless someone is trying to ruffle my feathers on purpose lol). Not everyone here is dependant on flyshops, nor is someone who's new to the board a "big talker". They're just not known by you. The person you pan today could be a person you WISH you were fishing with tomorrow. Alot of burned bridges can't be rebuilt.

    Ok, my words of somewhat wisdom are done. So please, no more bashing. :beer2:
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    I go to the Spey Clave in carnation and those guys are great. Mike Kinney helped with some issued I had with my 7136 and tips. I will deffinately buy some stuff from Aaron.

    That being said...I bought a $180 spey rod from cabelas, pieced together the rest for a summer and fall. Caught some steelhead, fell in love with spey casting (desipte the lower hook rate) and rarely touch a one hander as a result. I sold that set up to a buddy who was curious about the sport and heavily upgraded at the local flyshop.

    GIVE VERNE A BREAK. Spending big money on something your not sure about is stupid! I guarantee Verne will upgrade to a "ferrari" when he moves to the next level. But to spend $1000 or more when you aren't sure about swinging flies can be a stretch for some.

    I'm pretty sure Verne didn't ask the question, just had some input on a rod he owns and is happy with.

    Snotty flyfisherman just perpetuate the stereotype, get your nose out of the air.
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    To go spend something around 1 large somewhere out of some mythical loyalty is insane when the same thing can be purchased elsewhere for less money.

    If you feel it is worth it fine, but simply to lay down the bucks on some folklore mythical story such as " they paved the way for us in years past " is just as or even more crazy.

    I could be just as bad a spey caster right now with a 700 buck Sagoomis as my used cheap St.Croix I purchased.Don't believe it would matter.
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    The Redington rods are not bad rods at all.
    You might want to look for a 14' 9 weight. A 14' rod will be easier to learn with.
    Most of the rods out there now are decent rods. I wish there were rods that price when I started!
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    Steelheader69, (Jerry D)
    Once they toss both Christine and Dino, you should get the job. You are a constant voice of balance!

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    Thanks Jerry and guys. As an explanation,
    I went to the shop to buy a high end spey rod as an upgrade and tried a bunch. I didn't consider the Redingtons because I thought it was too cheap, the owner put a 14' Redfly together and had me try it, I liked it a lot and ended up buying it. I have used it for about 9 months now and still like it a lot. My more expensive rods stay home and I bought another Redington. I claim no expertise at speycasting, but it does what I ask and feels very comfortable. Sure I would like a prestigous custom rod if I get good enough to justify it and I would probably go to Carnation if it was closer.
    Sorry for the hasty words you guys.