"Rediscovering" Old Patterns

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  1. I'm really liking the GIMP as a general lake pattern. In terms of reliable results this past season grey is running a close second to peacock herl. Need to tie some of these next time I sit in front of the vise.

  2. This Youtube video references a book he had in 1966 called "Practical Flies" by Lacey Gee. Could that be it?

  3. Some of those quill wing wets are deadly. A few years ago, I got into a peacock herl kick and tied up a few Leadwing Coachmen (and Picket Pins), and on my next outing gave the Coachmen a try. Did so well that I fished them on most every outing for the rest of the season, and had some really good success.

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  5. The Gimp was featured in a fly tying magazine within the past 5 years. My problem is I can't remember which one.
  6. Try Flytyer magazine, Winter 2008. Or even better....try here http://www.wapsifly.net/?p=2703
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  7. DSC02921.JPG LLAMA An Eric Leiser pattern from long, long ago. I often visited Eric's shop "Rivergate" in Coldspring, New York.
    The original pattern called for a Woodchuck wing. The hair on the patch of Woodchuck I have is too short to tie a regular streamer so I tied some short ones. The longer streamer is tied with Badger which seems to be a good sub for Woodchuck.
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  9. One day fishing for largemouth bass I tried everything with no takes. Pulled out a black ghost and caught about 5 bass in 45 min. Went home that night and tied a dozen up.
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  11. A few for stillwaters; all tied on Mustad 9672 #8

    Stayner Ducktail


    Stayner Blonde (same pattern tied with olive/yellow variegated chenille and mallard dyed wooduck - doesn't really look that much different in the photo)


    Sheep Creek Special


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  12. Scott...the "Stovepipe" pattern would fit in nicely with that grouping.:)
  13. I love the Stayner ducktail. I carry a bunch of them, although I haven't fished them as much in recent years as I used to.
  14. IMG_1796.jpeg
    Richard and Scott,
    I was just about to mention the Stayner Ducktail in this thread and you beat me to it.
    I have never fished the fly but I have tied them in the past. I dug up a few. Also, a link that is interesting.

    "Stayner Ducktail - Marv Taylor - Fly Angler's OnLine
  15. One of my most memorable days on a lake revolves around the Stayner ducktail. It was late November on a foothills lake west of the Cascades, a few degrees above freezing, gusty winds, and raining steadily. I tied on a Stayner to start and thereafter my hands were too cold to consider changing the fly, but it caught fish after fish, until the time we quit, when the wing was totally gone and the rest of the fly was shredded. Since the ending fly bore little resemblance to the beginning fly, I doubt it was just the pattern, but it left a fondness for Stayners in my mind.

    Unfortunately, I had the wrong setting on my camera for the light source when I took these pics, so they are a bit yellowed out.


    Stayner ducktail 1.jpg Stayner Ducktail.jpg
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  16. IDK...I kinda like the "old school" yellow patina on your pics. Makes 'em look like "classics". ;)

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