Red's Rendevous 2 - March 26th, 2011

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    Red's Rendevous 2 @ March 26th, 2011


    About the Event
    Float in or drive, bring a few friends, and have a great time with us on March 26th. It is hosted at Canyon River Ranch lodge on the Yakima River. It will be bigger and better than last year by several times over! No RSVP needed to just drop by.

    There will be lots to see and do with plenty of action for the whole family. We will be hosting casting clinics, rowing classes, fly fishing 101, strategy seminars, theatre presentations, kids fly casting, fly tying, and there will be lunch, drinks, and lots of raffles and door prizes. As we get closer to the date we will post more details but make sure you set the date aside... you do not want to miss this!

    Top 10 Reasons to Go to the Red's Rendezvous II
    1. The professional fly casting competitions allows for severe and humorous heckling from the audience.
    2. The NCAA Elite 8 games will be on a giant flat screen TV, WITH a tournament bracket.... allowing you a chance to win fabulous fly fishing prizes.
    3. The fly tying will be "Simple and Effective" fly patterns. Not stuff that belongs behind a plate of glass.
    4. The fishing on the Yakima River is usually very GOOOOD that weekend on Skwalas, BWO's, and March Browns.
    5. Brian O'keefe will be there putting on a great show.
    6. There will be "Wet Feet" seminars IN the Yakima River
    7. Kid's fly casting, we'll teach them so you don't have to! Even teenagers.
    8. The keg of beer gets tapped at noon... see you at 12:01 pm?
    9. Brian Okeefe will be there... who is Brian O'keefe anyway? Check this out
    10. ...and finally number 10, you will regret it badly if you don't come!

    Event Sponsors


    Dry Land Casting Seminars
    These casting seminars are absolutely free, and will take place at one of the fly casting arenas between the lodge and the river. Check back to this page for exact times as the date approaches!

    • Beginning Fly Casting
    • Double Haul 101
    • Kid's Fly Casting
    • Handling Various Winds
    • Reach Casting
    • Power and Distance

    Wet Feet Fishing Seminars... hosted IN the Yakima River!
    These seminars will be hosted IN the Yakima River on the section of river in front of the lodge. No RSVP required, and a schedule with exact times will be posted on this page prior to the event.

    • Switch Rods... a deadly weapon for ALL species!
    • Spey 101
    • Advanced Spey Casting
    • Yakima River Entomology... real bugs real useful information!
    • Single Hand Spey Tactics
    • Wade Fish Like a Pro.... tips you didn't know about fishing on foot!
    • Nymph Fishing the Yakima River

    How to Row a Drift Boat
    There will be several sessions put on by different drift boat manufacturers that want to teach you how to row a drift boat on a big river! Since our shop and lodge are on the water it makes perfect sense to learn here. It is absolutely FREE!

    Fly Tying Instruction / Demonstration
    Our staff along with some other expert fly tiers will be giving demonstrations and lessons in the lodge all day long. There will even be a Kid's Fly Tying lesson! All FREE!

    Fly Casting Competition
    There will be generous prizes awarded to the "non professional" division winner! Last year this was a huge success and there will be some novelty casting that is a lot of fun and non competitive. It is really fun to watch, especially with a cold drink in one hand!

    Other Outdoor Activities
    In addition to fly fishing, we will also be dedicating a segment of the event to other outdoor activities like horseback riding, mountain biking, local hiking, ecology, and more. As we nail down all the details we'll keep you posted.

    The 509 State of Mind...
    If you don't plan to participate in any of the classes, clinics, etc. - no worries. There will be wine, beer, appetizers, and you can just kick back at our lodge and enjoy being in a "509" State of Mind at Canyon River Ranch!


    Event Page:

    EMAIL =
    Tel (509) 933-2300
    Driving Directions:

    ANOTHER NOTE: Lodge Rooms will be in VERY high demand for the event, so if you would like to stay with us at The Lodge at Canyon River Ranch contact the lodge directly at: or via phone at: (509) 933-2100
  2. orangeradish Bobo approved

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    Jason D was nice enough to offer a seat to me and Matty that weekend. We had a great time. Plus Matty got a job offer. 5 years to go, and he can be a shop rat. The kid's going to hold them to it.
  3. Jim Riggins Member

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    Bo and Leif did a great job with Red's lodge presentation at the Portland Sportsman Show. Maybe this summer
  4. Connor H Bobbers n Beadz

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    Watch out, he might end up being me! lol
  5. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    That is exactly what I thought when I read it Connor. I could think of worse things for Jason's eldest to become than a teenage fishy fool working in a shop by day and grabbing quick floats in the evenings after work. I hope my local shop needs a shop rat-ette in a few years. I have a pair of willing applicants.
  6. Islander Steve

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    Is there camping nearby?
  7. teedub Active Member

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    Umtanum up the road two miles and Lmuma Creek and Roza a few miles more downstream...
  8. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Big Pines, I have friends that have camped there.
  9. Jason Decker Active Member

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    Call the shop and ask if the Canvas /Wall Tents are available
  10. Matt Smith On the river Noyb

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    Sounds great, I have a young un who would love to go. Plus if I bring the kids it counts as a "family outing" not me taking off to go fishing.
  11. Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

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    I'll be there, hope to see everyone else there.