reds rowing/boat fishing class

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by golfman44, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. golfman44

    golfman44 Coho Queen

    Anyone else sign up for this? Or if you have done it what were your thoughts? Its april 6.
  2. Fitzfish

    Fitzfish New Member

    I took this class last year and thought that the presentation was well thought out with good handouts. The "on the water" instruction was great. I highly recommend this class
  3. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    Golfy, definitely sign up if you're new on the sticks. Great instruction by great instructors.
  4. cmann886

    cmann886 Active Member

    I took the class last year also...lucky for me I was the only student and was grateful for the individual attention and added time on the sticks...It is great for basics and typical with this type of thing small changes can make big differences in performance. I would like to take a more advanced class if one was ever offered. IMO it is worth the money.
  5. golfman44

    golfman44 Coho Queen

    Awesome thanks for the replies. Buddy and I are signed up and looking forward to it.
  6. RubberLegs123

    RubberLegs123 New Member

    I signed up as well...See you there.
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  7. GSVette

    GSVette New Member

    My wife and I (as well as the recent hunting dog addition) will be there as well-look forward to meeting you all.
  8. Matt Roelofs

    Matt Roelofs Member

    It looks like you all have it figured out, but in case anyone else is still on the fence about this, I'll add another two-thumbs-up endorsement! I did one of these classes last June and I was the only student. Fantastic class!